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  • marthaeandbillo marthaeandbillo Dec 8, 2010 11:29 AM Flag

    Cramer missed KKD- already tripled

    this year. He didn't even like it in the $2 range.

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    • Cramer is completely clueless about this turning-point and now , humiliated, acts like a basher and brings up old news that you have hear many times.
      For his information a good company creats value in excess of their cost of capital and it happens when managers do things that made economic sense. Economic value added (EVA) is one of the few, if not the only, performance mesure with a clear dividing line between good and bad performance. The higher the EVA momentum, the more value management's creating.

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      • there are seemingly millions of stocks out there. If you really think that Cramer knows them all and the details of their business, you are rockin' insane.

        Truth is that there is very little (hardly any) coverage from Wall St on this stock. In the last 2 years, it has turned itself around. Went from zero analysts to 2. I suspect in 2011 another 1 maybe 2 will join that list.

        I have made a good chunk of change on this stock (kdd)... almost $50k in total. Once it settles in comfortably/semiconsistently above $10, I will start easing my way out the stock and look for another 'turnaround/spiking' horse to ride for 2 years.

        I'm looking at RIMG. No shares yet, but am watching it like a hawk. Sideways trading in $15-$17 range for a couple of years now. zero debt and a huge wad of cash on the balance sheet. Traded in the high 20s a few years ago when sales spiked. Can it get there again? Dont know -- but I am watching for signs of when it could....

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