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  • glsierra glsierra Dec 30, 2010 12:09 AM Flag

    I think we will see an equity issue for KKD

    It's getting old having to explain this all the time....

    Yes, the P/E is 52. That is because its based on the ttm. The forward P/E (which is a much more important measure than backward looking p/e especially when you're talking about a stock in turnaround mode for the past 6-8 quarters).

    The forward P/E is in the mid 20s.

    I encourage every single person who thinks its overvalued to please please please please short the stock. PLEASE.

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    • It is simply a matter of going through the financials. You can find them back to 2006 on Google finance. Krispy Kreme outran itself, went negative, and has turned profitable by closing stores and limiting investment. Their sales have been declining steadily for at least five years, and well before the recent recession started. Now they are profitable - Great!

      The thought that, after this painful lesson, they are again going to try and take over the donut world and succeed this time is foolishness, or that they would even want to is ridiculous.

      KKD is a mid-cap, and probably will be for decades to come. They may never seee 1 billion in market cap ever again.

    • Finviz lists the forward P/E as 42. Forward P/E is taken as the P/E expected at the end of the current year, P/E is taken as the ratio from the most recent four quarters. You are talking about Jan 2012.

      And it is about right - If KKD meets it's business goals, it should be worth $7/share in January 2012.

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