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  • glsierra glsierra Jan 25, 2011 1:36 PM Flag

    This has eventual BuyOut written all over it.

    The stock is going to have to street-fight its way to the top. The nice jump after Dec's announcement was great because it puts it in the sceening universe for mutual funds, institutional investors, etc. In other words, opens itself open to a whole slew of new potential investors (those funds/etc have a $5 floor for stock price, below that, they dont buy).

    GMCR coming on the scene is definitely interesting, but I would not automatically assume that they want to acquire KKD. But perhaps "strategic partnership" whereby GMCR coffee is sold through KKD. Maybe (emphasis maybe!) some GMCR stores sell KKD products. If that works out, then perhaps acquire them.

    Regardless, shows some confidence that others out there think this is a undervalued company. Thats because it is!

    KKD will never compete with Dunkin Donuts. They attract a totally different customer.

    KKD is closer to the iphone kind of customer (cutting edge, hip/cool, cultish, etc) whereas DD is probably more like a McD (mass market, quick in/out, etc).

    Going head-to-head (locations/etc) with DD is a dumb move.

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