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  • ghostinthemachine81 ghostinthemachine81 Feb 11, 2011 12:57 PM Flag

    Shorts on GMCR getting "roasted".

    The higher GMCR's stock goes, the cheaper it gets for GMCR to acquire KKD.

    GMCR can now offer 0.4 shares for every 1 KKD share, or even 0.33 shares.

    They could probably double sales at KKD stores by selling their Keurig Koffees for $3 a cup.

    Imagine the profit margins at $3 per cup instead of the $.50 per K-Cup they get now.

    GMCR shorts would get roasted and Kremed.

    Ticker symbol KKKK is still untaken.

    Krispy Kreme Keurig Koffee Kafe

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    • Gmcr stock is 41% up since the deal with sbux was signed up.
      kkd is the next.

    • And now the market makes GMCR a target for Coca-Cola or Nestle. Those potential acquirers are very excited about its 80% share of the U.S. single -cup coffee market and its even higher outlook after buying Montreal based Van Houtte.
      However, everytime negotiations are coming, keep in mind the buyer might have in mind a much lower multiple....when it comes to pay.

    • Based on the news today re: GMCR and SBUX, I am reminded of the Beastie Boys song Sabotage..

      I knew the whole SBUX partnership talk was headfake. SBUX wants to destroy their competitors, not partner with them. Time for GMCR to respond in force! A buyout of KKD is the only way to beat SBUX at their own game.

    • I personnally own some Yhoo stock and so far it's doing fine, thanks.
      All in all, the SBUX and Kraft deal is a bust. So I'm not surprised at all that Sbux is looking for a better partnership, who it will be, that's the question.

    • Yes it is all speculation as glsierra says.

      But on todays price action on GMCR, the Starbucks partnership is probably a trick in my opinion. Starbucks wants to keep GMCR out of the retail cafe business because they see GMCR as a big threat.

      "You keep your friends close, your enemies closer."

      So if they sign a partnership with GMCR, it will be on the condition that GMCR signs a non-compete agreement. Once GMCR signs the deal, SBUX will make a weak effort to sell GMCR's products, further weakening GMCR in the process.

      Look at what Microsoft did to YHOO. A fake bid to stir up chaos at YHOO while they sabotage YHOO operations and shake shareholder confidence. Now that they have a partnership, surprise YHOO's revenue numbers with MSFT deal aren't getting better, and YHOO loses search deal with Alibaba (which YHOO owns 40% of) to Microsoft.

      If there is a SBUX/GMCR partnership, it would nothing more than an effort to prevent GMCR's entry into the US market as a direct competitor in the retail cafe business.

    • Hi,
      There are serious rumors that a deal between Green Mountain and Starbucks is inevitable. Actually, Strabucks is looking at many options including its own R&D, a partnership with another company or expansion of its VIA brand to other products and forms"

    • I saw it yesterday, GMCR reported strong earnings and optimistic guidance for the future.

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