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  • Networthdev Networthdev Jun 24, 2011 9:13 PM Flag


    Yup. it's coming. Lots of good news in the wings :-)

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    • over the years I have been in GMCR there has always been a very high short position.

      Every once in awhile the share price gets too high anf there is a short squeeze. This propels the stock higher and a whole new group of shorts come in.

      This happens over and over.

      If KKD in anyway follows GMCR's trading you will see short squeezes in the future.

      So while I hate shorts- I LOVE shorts- Its a pleasure taking their money!

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      • Thoughful14... extremely well said.

        I completely agree with you. I started my position in KKD back when it was in the $2s and $3s. At that time, the negative distortion attempts on this stock was relentless.

        Funny thing is that with each step in the price ($2/$3.. $4s... $5...etc), a new batch of "commenters" would join the message board proclaiming how they were going to get rich shorting this stock.

        Literally, the only thing that has changed in the last 2 years are the names on this board who bashing the stock/shorting. Their sentiment/arguments/etc have been soooo similar in each increased price phase that I have often wondered if its the same person(s) with just a new screen name each time. I still wonder if that might be the case because they are so consistent in how they are wrong.

        But like you said... the pleasure is in taking their money on each short squeeze.

      • Seems to work that way.

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