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  • btaylor77379 Jun 30, 2011 11:46 AM Flag

    Uh-Oh - she is finally making the move to 7.85

    As you have known for a few weeks now the move to 7.85 has been in the making. Looks like MM's has played with it the last week or two to pull in more retail players so they could up there shorts around 10 then start the move.

    My alarms went off so pulled back to watching my KKD holds, I'm still holding my Shorts from 9.52 / 9.82 and 10.02 - finally back in the Green, so time to monitor the coming pull back.

    KKD still looks like a decent stock overall but obviously way overpriced right now, will need several more very good Q's to hold a 9 or 10 pps.

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    • BT- I have never seen one person who is right all the time.

      You never lose

      I am sure everyone on this board idolizes you- right everyone?

      You are beautiful! Life is good right BT?

    • whoops I'm tired I guess it was 9.86 point is still the same. You don't have to get the very top or bottom and most NEVER do.

    • I was almost thinking u were for real until what? U are claiming you shorted at the very high and covered at the very lowest price of the day? LMAO

      YMB are full of lil liars. I sold at 9.49 the other day. I did not get the top and I did not lose money. Why are you all such nasty liars?

    • In your ramblings about your trades there does not seem to be much coherency in where you place your stop losses.

      The only thing that I can say for sure is that your trades tend to perform much better when you tell the board about them after the the position is closed out as opposed to the when you try and explain what is going to happen with trades you are starting.

      If your goal is to try an impress and let everyone know what a great trader you are you might want to stick with waiting until after the fact to explain your trades.

    • btaylor77379 Jun 30, 2011 3:23 PM Flag

      I just covered all my Shorts, could not resist the profits when it hit 9.40 and my buy to cover got filled.

      From the fast and steady drop from 10.08 to 9.40 there is a big possible bump back up a bit to the high 9's again before the move down continues, so taking the sure profits and will Short again if it pops back up in the high 9's. If not then just watch and see from here.

      G/L all..........

    • What do you know....

      "Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (KKD): Boxer thinks the stock could benefit from the planned IPO of Dunkin' Donuts which could reportedly price as early as next week. For Krispy Kreme's part, Boxer says "the chart looks great." For the record, it is up 42% in 3 months and 187% in the past year.

      Boxer says the company's turnaround and strong earnings growth last quarter "triggered the price/volume surge" which briefly pushed KKD above $10 for the first time in 4 years. Boxer says he "sees the stock in the mid teens."

      Mid $teens.... as in $14-15-16.

      I have been saying that for 2 years now. Some times I can be scarey good. But we'll see if it comes true. I think it will (next year). A $5 move north would be quite nice for the next 12-18 months! Awesome.

    • Buy on the dips, boys.

      This thing will be trading north of $10 at next announcement in late Aug/early Sep.

    • I would like to see it contiue this pullback tho so I can get in at a decent price. Been eyeballing the Kreme for a while now.

    • Its a LOONG way to 7.85 by the way from here.

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