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  • jondow69 Nov 9, 2012 3:45 PM Flag

    Poor Mitt

    romney is a four flushing , 2 faced,lying ,talks out of both sides of his mouth,flip flopping ,plastic,lying sack a s----h-----i------t, ryan couldn't win wisconsin either! thats bad! obama was beatable, but romney wasn't the right guy. this was jeb bushes year! jmo and g/l.

    as far as KKD, didn't they have a guy sell his shares last year, then kkd recovered? jmo

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    • Romney is a snake.. a multimillionaire salivating on the power to make himself a multibillionaire if he became president, but the 'down low' coconut is a Marxist turd.

    • This could be the end of the republican party. All they had to do was field a decent candidate and the election should have been theirs. Rich white guys are the newest minority......... Same guy as last year, just needs to finish up liquidating his KKD position. Then it should pop a little. Still don't understand why anyone should be motivated to buy long term...........

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • jondow69 Nov 10, 2012 2:14 PM Flag

        hey ski, so the guy who sold this time was the same guy who sold last year and KKD went to like 5.87ish? i wonder if he's doing it to drive the price down, then re-buying? hmm i agree, the REPS, had a chance this year, the rush's,tea party nut jobs, radical abortion nuts, too much to over come! out in indiana, the idiot tea party nuts, get rid of richard lugar a rep, replace him with a tea party nut job, the guy makes a stupid abortion comment, and wammo, the dems won the seat, bunch of losers! the country is changing, and the reps are stuck in the 1950-s, jmo

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