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  • plevelovi plevelovi Mar 15, 2013 4:03 PM Flag

    Adsklid's fantastic advice....

    He warned us all on March 6th that we'd better get out because KKD sold fried dough and would behave just like Jones Soda. KKD closed at 14.66 that day.

    Now, he's returned to the message board to rub it in everyone's face. "I WARNED YOU...!" "YOU SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO ME...!" OUCH!

    Net result, we close the day at $14.54, which is a full 12 cents below this financial oracle's call.

    I've got a suggestion Adsklid......don't come back until you find a leg to stand on.

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    • LOL come on man good grief. Don't get so out of shape. I think you're obsessed with me.

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      • Not obsessed by any means....I just like calling out the trolls as I see them.

        You're quick to crow about your calls and denigrate those who don't agree with you. If it turns out that you're wrong, however, you'd never admit it.

        I'm humble enough to know that I don't have the answers, and I'll make my share of bad calls. The difference is, I don't scream to world when I'm right and call people stupid who disagree with me.

        You want to make good? Simply say "whoops....turns out I was wrong on this....darn".

        But if we drop down to $13 again and you show up talking trash about how you warned us all....then I'll continue to be here reminding you that you missed the boat.

        fair enough?

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