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  • zach.brinkley zach.brinkley May 2, 2013 1:26 PM Flag

    Relax Folks!

    I guess my message of "Good With The Bad" is lost on most. Only one taker and I appreciate it. Did you ever stop to think that between yesterday and today there's gonna me some 8,000,000 SHARE BUYERS in the $12.49 to $13.60 range. Doesn't that speak to you "experts" in any way? Who is buying? A collective lot of misinformed retail "risk takers?" Or buyers who know that emotional reactions (such as those spoken so often on this board) are but blips for the patient long shopper of a fundamentally sound company with some excellent long term prospects? It is YOU folks that give false herd reactions to an otherwise good stock. I repeat, I've made $82,000 profits taken from KKD in the past 9 months or so. So, now I'm down $15,526.
    I would prefer to be up, but I "TAKE THE GOOD WITH THE BAD.' RELAX!!! Have a nice day. Morgan and Muir too!! Later.

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    • Oooch, Apple, Nortel, GM, let's go sailing, I use to think like that, but I figured it out.
      If you won't jump the cliff the herd will push you in.

    • I sold off my shares from 10k to just 1k shares now when it was up around $15. I think it will get there again (this year!). I'll bet that there is a mini-rally in this stock in a couple weeks as it leads into the announcement. Shall see. I've owned this stock for almost 4yrs. Feels weird not having it as one of my "core portfolio holdings" anymore. My core holdings now are PG, EMR, TC, and AAPL.

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      • Actually, I am starting to wonder if I will be closing out my position on KKD around this next announcement. Not that its a bad stock, etc... just time for me to personally move on, I think. This was my "mad money/spec stock" for 3-5x runup. It's done that and is now a "generic" growth stock. So, time to go apply this money into a new big-bagger type opportunity. Shall see.

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