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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Nov 18, 2013 5:32 PM Flag

    Is ObamaCare Really "Fair"?

    Last year, Dr. Laffer of the University of Southern California Economics Dept. did a study.

    He took a Single, mother of 2 children in New Jersey with no job, and added up the Social Welfare Benefits that she qualified for. The sum total was about $46,000 per year in benefits.

    He then determined that if she got a job and started making money, that for every $1.00 that she earned, on average, she would lose about 80 cents of benefits.

    She was, in effect, in an 80% marginal tax bracket. She would be INSANE to go out and get a job. If she worked at all, there would be a POWERFUL incentive to work "under the table", and contribute zero dollars to America's tax base.

    Enter ObamaCare.

    Our New Jersey Mother can now get an Obamacare "Platinum" policy for less than $50 a month... whereas your average middle-class breadwinner working 2 jobs would be paying 10 TIMES that much for an inferior "bronze" Obamacare policy.

    What does this mean for Dr. Laffer's analogy above? It means she would be even CRAZIER to go out and get a legitimate jobs, because when you factor in the Obamacare subsidy she would lose by making money at a job, she would then be losing over 90 CENTS in benefits for every $1.00 she earned working.

    Hope this helps... we're Greece people, we just havn't hit the wall yet.


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