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  • dbbogey Jan 31, 2014 12:09 PM Flag

    My Buddy Covers Food Retailers

    A couple things, expansion overseas with junk food is practically gold.

    He tells me KKD is outperforming Dunkin and come earnings this thing will be around the consensus analyst estimate of $26.00. I can see that happening and for that reason I'm way in at this price. Maybe the market will beat it down a little more but it's irrelevant come earnings.

    Oh btw, company same store sales rose 2.1% company-wide, the FOURTEENTH consecutive quarterly increase. Combine this with a common share re-purchase, and expansion in India and these equates to success. Analysts in food retail look at growth outlook, same store sales.

    BTW, DUNKin same store sales domestically were up 4.2% while international sales were down 1.2%, KKD domestic 5.8%

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    • You said it yourself "junk food' ! And it's like you are betting on an increase in cancer world wide. You're also betting that the overseas market "still" wants to be just like us. I believe that technology is providing even overseas nations the ability to see first hand what our entitled over indulgent attitude has brought us to. Rampant and grotesque obesity, even in our children! There will come a time where the emerging nations will use us as an example of what "not" to do to themselves and will no longer want to emulate us. Even the unsophisticated and uneducated can use their own two eyes and common sense these days.

      Remember, this is NOT CMG or anything close. It is PURE junk just like trying to sell cotton candy and make it sound ok!

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      • dbbogey Feb 3, 2014 7:41 AM Flag

        Ummm, dude get off your soap box. First of all, it's very obvious you have never travelled internationally. If you have you'd retract your statement about overseas markets "still' wanting to be like us..." There has been American backlash but mainly about our international policies and involvement in foreign wars. Every country I've ever been to has had a McDonalds, and it's much more popular than McDonalds over here. It's practically an event to go to one of these things, they love it. They love it in England, they love it in Amsterdam, they love it in Costa Rica, they love it in India.

        This is an investment dude, this is not a time to preach about the moral hazards of junk food. Tell it to someone who cares.

      • What people should eat and what they do are two very different things.

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