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  • squeezetracker squeezetracker Apr 9, 2014 12:54 PM Flag

    Thank you Barrons

    Following the big drop for all growth stories to thru their 50 ema, we were thrilled to see the Barron's slam on dnkn last weekend, giving us the chance to put both KKD and DNKN back on and adding to sbux, the only one of the 3 we held thru the drop. KKD now owned below $16.48 (blew out the $17.80 core) and DNKN back on at $46.90 (we blew out the core owned below $30 at $51) as noted two weeks ago.

    Down another $10 and we may even start shorting some puts on GMCR. LOL

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    • HAHAHAHAHA.... You're still playing this role, you clown?!?!? Aren't you tired of losing Daddy's allowance? Your superiors have already spanked you about a dozed times on this lousy stock. Just give up, kid - you stink at this.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • 1 Reply to h8filledstr8shooter
      • My superiors? Actually, we are brilliant at managing money, and vastly superior at tooling on morons. LOL

        And you and redleaf aka putzbreath ARE a f moron... read the rest of the thread to see our documented trips in and out on this story mgmt has butchered repeatedly. This will teach you that we, unlike you, have minted every trip. Not go sit in the corner and stew in your wet, smelly pants, you stupid F.

        We almost went in large last week on DNKN, but blew a small trade out this afternoon instead... concerned that KKD would screw the pooch again with mismanagement.

        Maybe some of you clueless short putz f heads will go short DNKN down to $42 for us tomorrow... we will go large on it if so as DNKN is vastly better managed and solid financially. LOL

    • scalped up 90 cents this trip. LOL

      joined the bail on dunkin as well...

      We'll let you know when we get back in -- likely right about when gayboy redleaf says he's short again. ROFLOL

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