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  • therhatpack therhatpack Apr 15, 2000 2:36 PM Flag

    Stun, you will be

    Here's why:

    1. 60 yrs old....what about
    Roy Rogers or Pan Am they are (or were) pretty old
    to, what happened?
    2. Very sentimental, but
    sitting on the porch remincing about the old days, does
    not produce profit, or a higher stock price.
    And that's all they're worth.
    4. And they never
    will, why? b/c too much competition (could not compete
    w/ent, host, etc, AND after opening locations w/drive
    thru windows, they found the public didn't come b/c
    the novelty was watching them being made.....all
    closed within months.
    5. stock price is based on
    FUTURE earnings, not what was prior to the Nixon
    6. just about any new franchise.....until the
    novelty wears off.
    7. I must have missed the "only
    WASP will be served" sign on the door, sorry.
    sounds like this could be a problem with most stores
    being they're so old, also sounds like a sizable
    9. agree 100%, but what happens after it wears
    10. Why haven't they grown so dramatically in the
    first 70-80 yrs in business? Management didn't feel
    like it til now?......
    Exactly, "It's just a

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