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  • arthurx19 arthurx19 Apr 26, 2000 12:43 PM Flag

    even growth

    Last Thursday my family and I were passing
    through Orange, CA, and made a point to stop off at the
    KK on South City Drive. This place was rocking! On a
    Thursday night!!! At 9:20 p.m.!!!!!! Over twenty (I
    counted 22 exactly, including my car) cars in the drive
    through line. The parking lot was completely full. Thus,
    my opting for the drive through. Easily 50(+)
    patrons in the store and outside on the curb and at the
    tables. My son and I went inside to watch the
    donut-making machine. The place was electric. Everyone was
    having a blast. In the parking lot a group of maybe 8-10
    teenaged boys and girls had some dance music playing and
    were dancing and eating donuts. It was amazing. You
    know how in movies like Grease or shows like Happy
    Days, kids and adults alike seemed to congrgate at soda
    shops or diners and all be having fun, dancing, etc. IT
    WAS LIKE THAT!!! Any way, we got our donuts and
    headed north for the weekend.

    On Sunday morning
    (11-ish) we stopped in again on our way home. My wife
    wanted (craved) more donuts and I wanted to see how the
    store was operating on a sunday morning (prime donut
    eating time). While the festivities had subsided, the
    drive through still had a steady stream of 8 to 15 cars
    and the store had a steady stream of customers going
    in a coming out the doors -- all carrying two dozen
    donuts, some three dozen.

    My conclusion is that
    while KK is an established and growing store in its old
    markets, it is poised for major success in California.
    This state appears to LOVE Krispy Kreme. And it
    doesn't hurt that the stars (Madonna) love it too and
    sing its praises everywhere they go.

    morning, I read the following excerpt:

    The Wall
    Street Transcript Publishes
    Investing in IPOs


    [P]erhaps unknown in many parts of the
    country, is Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (Nasdaq: KREM - news).
    ... [T]his is a neat company, along the vein of 'if
    you like the donuts, buy the stock.' ''

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    • I agree with you 100%!!! I too have witnessed
      first hand the doughnut euphoria you described!! Hey,
      it's fun, it's harmless, so why question

      My concern is that they will expand too fast,
      jeopardize product quality, and the novelty will wear

      Driving 30 minutes in the middle of the night to satisfy
      a "KK craving" is half the fun of it!

      "it's just a doughnut shop". But, sometimes it's those
      simple things in life......

      GO KREM :)

    • It JUST DOESN'T MATTER. Posters on this board can
      tell doughnut stories out the wazoo but there is NO
      WAY KREM deserves a PE multiple of almost 70. When
      the shorts attack this you can take heart that KK
      makes a mighty tasty pastry. Wake up people, THIS IS A

      • 1 Reply to fuzzy_packer
      • YOU wake-up! Price to Earnings ratios for
        tech stocks have been thousands of times earnings and
        on much less credible growth prospects than what
        Krispy Kreme will achieve.
        Is it the cost of market
        research scaring you? The cost of all those lofty
        salaries? The
        employee stock option and retirement
        Competition from Dunkin Donuts and Winchells?
        This stock
        is going to grow, blow-up like
        donut batter
        submerged in hot fat!

        Chow down and "fatten" up!

    • I never heard of KK till I saw the IPO on CNBC. SHortly after my brother in law told me about how he had and loved KK. This puppy will grow my man. Oh yeah, expecially as much as my family eats now.

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