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  • bbrown9506 bbrown9506 Apr 26, 2000 1:11 PM Flag

    KREM--a overinflated DONUT--but shortin

    before IPO quiet period is impossible!!! Im still
    salvating waiting just a few more trading days to QUITE
    PERIOD ENDS (when you actually can short) to short this
    PUPPY down to TEENS! NO SUPPORT going to be such a easy
    %100!!! Buyt please keep her FLOATING ABOVE 40...maybe
    even 45 before QP ENDS!

    PS(you cannot short
    KREM right now-anyone saying they did is a lying sack)

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    • I've seen you posting on quite a few boards, and
      while your sentiments are usually well-thought out(if
      not always correct) your presentation can be a little
      aggressive. Also, that photo on your profile doesn't lend a
      lot of credence to your character, whatever it may
      be. Stick to the facts and save us your sidebars on
      their intelligence levels and the size of their wives.

    • OK, so you post a message I left on the PALM
      board, where I objected to someone (as stupid as
      yourself) who blamed the 80% decline in the stock price on
      people like myself who correctly pointed out that the
      valuation was ridiculous, rather than the fact that the
      market came around to understand what I had a month

      Do you really take investment advice from people on
      this board? All I ask is that you listen to my points
      and think for yourself. There is nothing illegal with
      my posts since I speak the truth.

    • It upset me when she called that guy's wife a "fat pig", and the picture DID gross me out.

      I love this stock, love the product!

      GO KREM

    • Just remember, there is a fellow who improperly
      bashed Lucent on its board, who is now facing jail time
      and a whopping civil suits.

      Let's stick to the
      pros and cons of KREM and leave the insults out.

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      What an idiot
      hottie_totty (23/F/Rockford, IL) 4/27/00 11:13 pm
      Msg: 4870
      of 4896
      I guess you never caught on to the
      chicken and egg corundrum. You blame "bashers" for
      driving the price down. How stupid ARE you? You think
      anyone other than an idiot like you takes investment
      advice from someone on these boards? Perhaps the "paid
      bashers" you refer to are actually just people one hell of
      a lot smarter than you that understand what is
      coming, as I could clearly see a month ago when I first
      tried to warn idiots like yourself away.


    • think your shorted but you ain't. E-Trade, Ameritrade, they all have some brokers who are basically incompetent. They tell you that you've shorted, but in reality, you ain't!!!

    • >PS(you cannot short KREM right now-anyone
      saying they did is a lying sack)
      Why would anyone be
      lying by saying that he has shorted KREM (like me) when
      he/she hasn't? Let's see, so that I can scare the longs
      and get a better entry point? Nah. BTW, if you are
      long, then you may like the fact that you can short
      KREM now, since the price has been holding even with

      I do like KK and think that it is a good company
      with a good future. But I also think that the stock is
      way overpriced (no fault of KK, but the excitment of
      naive/greedy investors). Think about this, this is a
      well-established company. Things cannot just suddenly change. KK
      will expand gradually, but no way you can justify the
      high P/E. When the underwriters determined the price
      of the IPO, it is not like they said, "let's put the
      IPO at half the price of what it should be so that we
      can get a big pop that will double the price of the
      company almost instantaneously". Underwriters are
      supposed to carefuly determine the IPO price, which is
      supposed to correctly valued the price of the company at
      the IPO. And underwriters are usually optimistic with
      the prices. With a *new* tech company, you can
      justify sudden price increases because there can be many
      positive prospects (and a lot of unknowns), but with KK,
      this is definitely not the case (and look at so many
      new tech companies, they are at around or below their
      IPO price now, why??). To me, the issue of whether or
      not the price of KREM will drop substantially is not
      an issue of if but when. Again, the fact that this
      is a well established and old company is what will
      make the price of KK come down.

      I also love KK
      doughnuts, and may buy shares of KREM when I believe the
      price is right, definitely under $20. When the price
      finally goes down, don't blame KK, but your own

      All of this IMHO...

      • 1 Reply to sleeplessdad
      • at lockup expiration. Many company execs got a
        sweet deal. 20 shs for each sh held pre IPO + cash.
        IMO, if KREM sustains its current levels,
        insiders will bail out at lockup expiration. Shorts will
        have a field day with KREM. Watch those 144's. This
        along with KREMs current P/E could send the sh price to
        the teens.

        According to the prospectus, the
        company will use the proceeds to pay
        off $30 million
        in debt and $10 million to update older
        company-owned shops,
        some of which are 30 years old. In
        addition, $7 million goes to company insiders
        as part
        of a corporate reorganization in which every share
        they owned in the
        privately held company was
        converted into 20 shares of stock in the new,
        held firm, and $15 in

        Of course this is all IMHO and I wish nothing but
        the best for current KREM sh holders.
        I have no
        interest or position in KREM. Just watching and advising
        my sister who is a novice investor that wanted to
        jump on the IPO. Shorts are out there just waiting to
        take $ from novices like her.

        I want my

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