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  • thats_a_lot_of_lira thats_a_lot_of_lira Apr 28, 2000 3:21 PM Flag

    I think the point he is trying to make

    is there seems to be just a tiny little disjoint between the valuation and the future prospects.

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    • It was easier to daytrade this stock (buy at
      open, sell in afternoon). But that pattern didn't last

      Ameritrade, Etrade, and Scottrade allow shorting. Last week I
      started using Scottrade because I needed to call-in to
      short with the others.

      See you guys in two
      months. Good luck long-term shorts. The odds are in our

    • Au contraire bigot, there are NO thoughts in
      your post.

    • E*TRADE allowed shorting KREM maybe the second
      week after the IPO. I tried shorting back then but my
      order didn't trigger. The following day they didn't
      have shares. Anyhow, for the past few days, they have
      allowed my orders, they seem to have plenty of shares for
      shorts now.

      I also tried shorting PALM a few days
      after the IPO (E*TRADE had shares probably within one
      week after the IPO), but I missed it. I was surprised
      to see how hard and how fast that thing came

      In retrospect, I wish E*TRADE hadn't allowed
      shorting KREM until this week. Needless to say, I am in
      the red with my short position in KREM. But I am not
      worried at all, this P/E just cannot be sustained (more
      than doubling the IPO price in less than a month, for
      this kind of business, yeah, right). For many it
      probably will be hard to believe the following, but I am
      very confident that within a year, at some point KREM
      will go below its IPO price. Mark my words, post #
      416. Again, as I have said before, when this happens,
      don't blame KK, it won't be their fault, but the longs
      fault for taking KREM so high. If KREM had already been
      trading for 10 years, It would probably be below $20
      right now.

      I love KK. I went early today and got
      half a dozen of KK glaced for breakfast, they are

    • Who is your broker? I have been trying to short since the first day but Waterhouse (and Merrill Lynch) keep rejecting my orders because they do not have share avail to short. Thanks.

    • Freak hollywood fagget stars really took the
      investors with the Planet Hollywood scam. The place sucked
      just like Krispy Kreme Hole. What the fuck is going
      on. Are people that fucked up to wait in line for
      hours for a stupid fucking deep fried piece of fucking
      lard ass dough. They should be taking their kids to
      school or spending some quality time with them, getting
      some excersize, or doing something creative. Probably
      a bunch of loser money counting yuppies fucked up
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      thought from saggy granny and her gina.

    • Where are the players getting the value numbers
      to justify the current value?
      Donut Dreams?
      Viet Nam the Donut Dollies sold more than donuts...
      the sold the holes. Maybe that what some of you are
      buying now. If corp store are making 300k without fees
      the will need to build or franchise 500 new stores to
      justify the current price. Currently yhe average 10
      stores per year. MMMMM those donut holes.

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