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  • scamzon_sucks scamzon_sucks May 2, 2000 11:26 PM Flag

    Short shares at Fidelity?

    I use Fidelity and have been able to short about
    any stock (for example, last year I got 4,000 shares
    of SIEB with only 800,000 float). I tried KREM once
    last week and the order was rejected. (I only placed
    my order online instead of calling the trading desk.
    Sometimes I have called the trading desk and they have gone
    to other brokerages to try to find me shares.)
    Because of Fidelity's size and mutual fund holdings I
    figure it's about the best source there is. I am
    wondering if anybody has been able to short shares through

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    • I use Ameritrade, and they said my order was
      rejected by the market maker. According to them, it's a
      catch as catch can kinda thing. AMTD told me its the
      market maker who arranges short sales, so when it gets
      tight it gets tight for everyone.

      Obviously some
      institutions or other big players are on to this joke of a
      valuation. I'll just try every day and see if I get lucky. I
      just hope I don't have the ones I shorted earlier
      called back.

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      • I really have to question the info. you received
        from Ameritrade. As far as I know, you can short the
        shares if your broker can get its hands on them (i.e. in
        an account at the brokerage or able to borrow them
        from another house. (Fidelity did that for me on
        Nextcard.) From scanning this board, it seems like the longs
        are outnumbered 10:1 so every share available has
        probably been shorted about three times. Good luck with
        your search and thanks for your response.

        have nothing against KREM but like others, I do not
        think this company's growth rate, earnings and
        potential market (relatively mature and competitive)
        support anything near the current stock price. I have
        read numerous posts about KK stores opening up and the
        demand. There is a KK near me that is in a shopping
        center with a Walmart and Home Depot that apparently had
        a fire more than 6 months ago and has not been
        remodeled (boarded up). This seems strange for this store
        to be sitting in the parking lot with two of the
        biggest traffic generators in retailing and not be
        reopened. I don't know any other details but it does seem

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