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  • Deep_Blue433 Deep_Blue433 May 3, 2000 4:48 PM Flag

    Questions: I want to short KREM

    Hello, as an interested potential short investor
    in this company I have two questions. 1) What do you
    think the catalyst for selling in this stock will be.
    2) When do you see it happening. 3) Where can I go
    to find shares to sell short?

    Any help would
    be appreciated, shorts need only apply as I am not
    interested in trashing this stock or anyone else.

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    • You won't have a definite selling catalyst in the
      stock until the lockup period nears expiration in five
      months. However, on occasion investment bankers will
      allow a shortening of the lockup period, assuming there
      has been a substantial run up in the

      Keep in mind that the investment bankers are only
      beholden to the pre-ipo shareholders. If the IPO was at
      $21 and the stock doubles (which it has), they might
      be tempted to allow insiders to cash out early. It
      is in their interest to make sure that insiders and
      those who bought pre-IPO come out OK. They would only
      allow an early expiration of the lockup as long as the
      stock were safely over $21.

      Other than that, if
      tech stocks got their old luster back, they would be
      draining money from other sectors, such as KREM. Its no
      surprise KREM has taken off while tech is down. The
      reverse will happen once money is flowing back to that

      Then again, if you're short you have to love the lead
      underwriter issuing a "buy" rating with a 12 month target of
      $45, on the day the stock was trading at $45.

      I've been able to short at Ameritrade, although some
      days they have none available.

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