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  • fatbgr fatbgr May 3, 2000 8:01 PM Flag

    3rd Time a Charm

    Scottrade has shut me out for 2 days for shorting this puppy

    Here's hoping for a better tomorrow

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    • Well, what do you call a free fall? It did take 2
      months, and it was steep at first and slowly stabilized,
      but it did fall for something like 35 of its first 40
      trading days.

      Yes, KREM is nowhere near as crazy
      as PALM was, but it is overvalued. As for it
      climbing in a declining market, PALM was up today also, so
      that goes to show you how anything can happen in a
      short time frame. It is still down where it ended last
      week though.

      Right now the retail dummies are
      all trying to get part of a hot IPO, plus KREM is
      getting all the glowing press from the underwriters. My
      favorite was the "buy" rating on Friday from the lead
      underwriter, with a 12 month price target of $45. It was
      frickin' trading at $45 for crying out loud! Since it is
      well known that analysts never issue "sell" reports,
      especially the guys who brought the girl to the dance, one
      can only read between the lines to see that he was
      somewhat taken aback by the runup.

      I don't know
      when reality will strike, but I think the guys on the
      short side will win in the short term (next six
      months). Over teh very short term and longer term,
      anything can happen.

    • Not to be nasty or anything but, for my
      education, PALM went from 165 to 25 in a free fall as soon
      as it peaked. KREM is showing no signs of falling
      off a peak by continuing to climb in a declining
      market. What accounts for this?

    • Just sold my long position for a small profit. The product and company is good but not at this price. good luck to all.

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