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  • tiy86kjgnbmvjgheidjfhgkro tiy86kjgnbmvjgheidjfhgkro May 9, 2000 11:58 AM Flag

    the PROS gonna kill the KREM shorts

    in the short term...they gotta plan
    and will
    squeeze you contrary to logic
    to force mass covering.
    TRUE within a year
    this one will be in 5 - 12
    will your broker force you to cover before

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    • It is obvious that this stock is wayyyyy over
      priced. But with only $3million shares float and insider
      lock-up expiration far away, it is really hard to say how
      much more this stock can run up. Imagine someone with
      a lot of money can squeeze the shorts for a long
      time. To buy 3million shares at $60 would only cost
      180mil which is nothing to all institutional investors.
      I will bet that they own the shares at a
      ridiculously low price to begin with. I won't short until this
      stock show a sign of weakness. Don't buy this stock
      either, you know the price will drop before year end.

    • I made a half hearted effort to short this in 40s
      and Fidelity (thankfully) for once was not able to
      get me the shares. Although nothing should be
      surprising after seeing the insane investing over yhe past 1
      1/2 year, the willingness of investors to pay these
      prices for a donut chain with mediocre results does
      surprise me. If you are long congratulations, but I would
      put in a stop loss on this stock as reality always
      sets in (eventually). If you are short, hang in there
      if you can. This stock will lose momentum and
      interest and then take a big fall. I know I will be
      waiting for that day. I have nothing against the company,
      but there is no way this company's fundamentals
      support this price. As a lot of people have found out (or
      will soon find out), fundamentals do matter.

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      • Growth in the equity markets has been strong for
        the last ten years (Dow up 300% and Nas up 820%).
        Many investors out there have never experienced the
        impact of a bear market, and consequently fears are low,
        and in many cases non-existent. It's been easy money
        for many people and the risk taking has reached
        rediculous levels. Researching fundamentals is no longer
        considered necessary with the current "who could lose in
        this market?" attitude. Gut feelings, uninformed
        assumptions, and emotions are now driving the markets. And if
        it's an IPO, look out, people can't get enough. After
        all IPO's are a sure thing, right?

        KREM is a
        stellar example of this. People continue to buy driving
        its P/E through the roof. Then, justify the pathetic
        margins by making comments stating that earnings no
        longer matter with the so-called new economy stocks.
        Wow! Let the sucker rally continue...unbelievable!

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        just to make a point, and should not be used as
        consideration for future investment decisions.

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