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  • tamtam9999 tamtam9999 Jul 12, 2000 3:50 PM Flag

    Why is KK compared to Starbucks ?

    Because Coffee & Doughnuts are eaten together ?
    Absurd !

    Don't make the mistake of comparing SBUX
    to KREM. SBUX has 7 years
    as a public company
    and has a proven growth rate in earnings.

    KREM has been around for DECADES
    and they still
    only have ~150 "stores" or donut stands.
    KREM got
    on the IPO bandwagon only to enrich corporate

    SBUX sells a medically-proven additive substance ...
    KREM sell fattening treats. How often do you
    buy or eat donuts ?

    And would you drive miles
    to KK to get them ? KREM is just a passing
    When will snacking in a Krispy Kreme ever be trendy
    fashionable ??? NEVER !!!

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    • Speaking of the KK chearleader, where were all of his posts today...?

      Could it be that someone took the wind from his sails?

    • You really believe all that sh*t that's coming
      out of your mouth, don't you? Simply amazing. It's
      true, a sucker is born every second. The only thing I'd
      change would be that they would be required to have
      "SUCKER" tatooed on their forehead.

      Ha ha ha,

    • PCOR looks okay but I wouldnt put a ton of money
      into it.. My pick for today are to short TFS anything
      above 30.. It should go down to the mid to upper 20's.
      Also look at AQLA I expect it to close a bit below 5
      today. AND of course short the hell out of KREM.. I like
      LCOS to go higher as well as T,WCOM,ATHM and I am also
      thinking about shorting SONS,PFCB and TSTN...GOOD LUCK...

    • screen. I'm always willing to learn... And, what do you think of PCOR, as the B2B sector is looking up.

    • KREM is up on very light volume. This runup wont
      last. For you longs this is a your last chance to get
      out above 60. And if you are short it might be a good
      time to add a little to you position. I shorted
      another 1100 shares.

    • overdone, and now we'll be able to get back to some fair valuations.

    • WHAT???????????????????????

    • headway. I think that the shorts will get scared when this gem hits $65, and their covering will drive this back above $80.

    • Do the terms "been around for decades" and "just
      a passing fancy", belong in the same

      Of course KK is overvalued, but you haven't ben on
      this board from the begining where there were constant
      arguements about what exactly KK is. The difference from a
      MCD, is the production facility in each store. From
      reading the info on their website and news articles, a
      store manufactures 2,000 or so per hour. This obviously
      is not in store sales, but feeds KK's network of
      5,000+ distribution partners (supermarkets, gas
      stations, etc.). I think that is why people keep comparing
      them to SBUX, because of the distribution
      I drive about an hour and a half round trip at
      least on Sunday a month to pick up about 3 dozen from
      the closest KK. I know a lot of other people who do
      it as well, at least in my area. But then again KK
      has been here as long as I can remember (30 years). I
      notice a lot of shorters, especially from CA, saying it
      is a fad. Reasonable investors from the East know
      that the only fad is a ridiculously high price.

      • 4 Replies to congovman
      • my take is that they aint so great...

      • Did I actually hear you mention a ridiculously
        high price?

        Fad or no, the experiences of KK
        customers in their core markets do not necessarily
        translate to the experiences of customers in new markets.
        KK is a piece of Americana in the South, but it is
        hard to be all things to all people. At this point any
        success KK has in California is a fad, or a trend. And
        certainly in my neck of the woods they have fallen flat on
        their faces.

        We have a similar concept out here
        called In-N-Out Burger. I know people who will drive an
        hour out of their way for one (myself included). They
        enjoy true cult status in California. And they too have
        been around for 50 years, and are about the same size
        as KK. Because of some tragedies involving founding
        members, there is no one left (family) to run the
        business, and the word is they may go public. Does that
        mean all they need is a big wad of IPO cash and they
        can roll them out nationally and knock MCD off the
        planet? No. Every business has risks, and most that have
        been public for years have that risk priced in. New
        IPO's bring people out of the woodwork who end up
        getting hurt. This stock will be no exception, whether
        the company is successful or not, since even at $62
        it is priced for perfection.

      • A bunch of grumpy old men hop in their winnebago
        every Sunday to share their teen conquests, BenGay, and
        flatulence during a 1 1/2 hour donut escapade.

        if that isn't a reason to buy a 100+ P/E donut
        company, I don't know what is?

      • Not everyone in CA is short on KREM. Oldest store
        in CA still doing fine. Newest store in Long Beach
        is next door to police station (brilliant!). It was
        the Analyst who first compared KK to SBUX calling it
        a "Concept Restaurant" stock.

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