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  • therhatpack therhatpack Nov 27, 2000 11:07 AM Flag

    80 by wednesday?

    Better stick to donut eating.

    It's kind of
    ironic that most KREM shareholders bought it because of
    the fond memories it brings of eating donuts as a

    When it's trading back at it's ipo price (21) you can
    relive all the fond memories of when you had money.

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    • rhat, come on, relax

      remember, one of the
      cardinal rules of trading

      never, never, never get
      emotional about a position

      you are not the only
      short to bet on an earnings related collapse down to
      the 30's and not have it happen

      in fact it is
      a whole stadium full of shorts with the same
      problem, short in the 60's, maybe got shorter in the 70's
      hoping earnings would crater the stock, it didn't even
      remotely happen and unfortunately all you can do is bash
      and think "now what"

      this stock will not go
      down until insiders start selling

      tell us when
      that is going to be and you will have a very
      interested audience

      in the meantime, you have to
      stand in the line with the other shorts waiting to box
      their positions which is exactly why this will go to 80
      and then 120

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      • Shorts boxing

        Charlie please get with the
        The shorts were concerned about a possible split and
        blowout earnings. Niether of which happened. The only
        thing left here is more press releases about how Shaq
        likes donuts, and almost 10 MILLION SHARES YET TO BE
        DUMPED ON YOU.

        So dear Charles, why would I or
        any other short want to box his position now?
        this bloated pig seem undervalued to you?

        by the way, weren't you the guy who supposedly lost
        his shirt being short all the way up, only to cover,
        go long, and now are eating it all the way back

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