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  • iceburg0 iceburg0 Dec 1, 2000 4:36 PM Flag

    Insiders too smart to sell and therein

    lies the reason this thing won't go down except
    with the NAZ and even then it will only be gradual.
    Hedge fund managers can not short sell this thing down
    when there are no shares available to short.
    Personally, I like it when the shorts are locked up here
    going nowhere. I can't imagine how much money you
    idiots could have made shorting anything this past week.
    You are squeezed in here while your fellow shorts
    made a downright killing this week. To that I say you
    all are stupid.

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    • couldn't have said it better iceburg

      a bunch of fools

      could have thrown a dart at
      the wsj and gone short and made 10-15% this week and
      what do KREM shorts do, sell more probably!

      if the the short interest wasn't high

      and then all they can do is point out to me what they
      think my positions have been when they don't even have
      a clue when i've been buying or selling
      (do you
      morons actually believe i report my trades on a f@#$@#g
      message board when i do them)
      shows you how stupid
      they are even posting comments like that

      then, "box our shorts, why should we do

      what a pathetic bunch of f#$kwits

      hey shorts,
      take a look at a KREM chart and get a clue before it's
      too late

      • 1 Reply to charlietuna_11786
      • Charlie, nobody needs you to post your
        It is quite obvious judging from your posts.
        example, from the 60's to the 100's you couldn't stop
        telling us how overvalued this was, and that you were in
        awe to see a bloated donut company get so


        From the 100's to now you pump it non-stop.
        us institutions are buying/won't sell, too many
        shares short, management, splits, etc.

        There is
        nothing wrong with playing it both ways, but you seem to
        be a bit confused. You see, the object of the game
        is to buy it on the way up, and short it on the way
        You apparently have it ass-backwards.

        No need
        to tell us your trades charlie, personally I'm very
        comfortable with my hypothesis.

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