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  • likes_shaved_pussy likes_shaved_pussy Aug 9, 2001 2:53 PM Flag

    I covered, that's y she just dropped

    @#$% silly me - oh well.

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    • The in store results of test marketing in Publix stores in the Tallahassie area were very good. These were expected and show these products are tried and true public pleasers. Yall just keep buyin this flyer. I predict this Co. is one to send your kids to school on.

    • History shows me that since Sept-2000 the KKD has done very well. All this noise you've been talking for the last Four months has always been critical. A lot of people has made Large Bucks on this stock.

    • Yes, you're correct. If I went long on KKD my outlook would change. My financial outlook would look much more bleak because I would lose half of my money over the next six months to a year.

    • Hey yall, I see you still at it. Gather up that bad spirit and invest in this flyer. If you have $ in this yiur outlook would change.

    • You are right on! I don't think they have any idea how small the "float" is right now if there were a "short squeeze."

    • Get a clue. Age in a company does not equal size. The company has been around for a long time, but it was a very small operation. Stating that the Krispy Kreme was a "big-ass company even before the IPO" shows that you don't have a clue what you're talking about. Prior to the IPO, Krispy Kreme had $181 million in revenue for the most recent fiscal year. Compared to the mom and pop store that you probably run, that may seem like a lot of money, but that is a small company. It�s still a small company. Now, it just has a very, very unrealistic valuation due to delusional investors like yourself.

    • Hate to spoil all of the short-weenie fun here but a reminder might be in order that this was a big-ass company even before the IPO, with earnings that are only getting better and better. The disappearance from this board- but not from the market- of people who continue to purchase this stock is an ominous portent. It's the kiddies- both short and long- who post to these boards... The real players are busy elsewhere ready to make you look real, real stupid... Krispy Kreme has been around longer than the oldest poster on this board and will outlive us all.

      PS- the capitulation of KKDgirl should have been a sign to any successful contrarian that a trend reversal is soon to come...

    • Right, so JULY sales, will be reported tomorrow.

      And from what you wrote, we should be able to figure who's going to be filing 4s, based on who filed 3s?

      What a silly system, if insiders are allowed to set up countless trusts, or have relatives trade shares, and avoid the reporting.

      I will go check the SEC sight for who filed 3s.

    • I've been short for a long time, for a lot of other reasons, I just think the confirmed sales, and Tuesday's institutional 13Fs are going to help in the decline.

      If all those 144 filers are not required to file a 4 - do you know which ones are? For instance, McAleer is an officer, so do all his many trust funds have to file a 4?

    • Sorry, about the 6 entries you noted, if you look at the nasdaq site, they list the 144 date as after the form 4 sale, so I thought those were new. Nonetheless, you can remove those six entries from the list, and still come away with the same idea.

      The filers have 90 DAYS from the date of the form 144 to execute their sales. So anyone who filed between 04/04/01 and 07/31/01, could sell in July.

      Form 4s, for JULY sales, would have to be filed by AUG 10 (tomorrow). Go back to July and you'll see that they wait until the last moment to get the 4s filed.

      Do you think that all those people who filed 144s changed their minds?

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