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  • mkoller25 mkoller25 Jan 10, 2003 2:43 PM Flag

    Re:Hey Jeffnet98 (Was Hey Growthowner)

    Borders prides itself on
    having well-stocked and CLEAN stores. Where are these messy stores that you're
    talking about?
    Hmmm... so does Barnes & Noble....

    Messiness is relative to any retail store. I've seen Borders stores kept neat and others blatantly not. However, I find the layout of most Borders stores very haphazard with no logical framework to it. At least at Barnes & Noble, you can find the sections easier.
    Anyubody who has been in both Borders and B&N knows darn well that
    B&N has nowhere near the number of different titles that Borders carries IN STOCK.
    Jeff, most Borders stores are sized smaller than most Barnes & Noble stores in merchandizable square footage. You can't tell me that Borders has more shelf space and more titles in stock than Barnes & Noble. Besides, if they don't have it in stock, B&N can ship the title you are looking for directly to your house when they order it for you...


    Of course, but bookstores can't stock every single book title known to man. They would have to be as large as a small city to do that. Face the fact that there will be times that you will walk out of a bookstore with a book. EVEN AT BORDERS!

    Next time you are at a Barnes & Noble, and they don't have what you are looking for, ask them to order and ship the book directly to your house. :)


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    • The link below makes clear that the college bookstores are a privately held company. It should not be surprising that the Riggios obtained the right to use the Barnes & Noble name for their 400+ college bookstores. I would be interested to know how little they paid BKS for the right.

    • There is some connection with the college bookstores and B&N. At a college in my area the school bookstore which had been run by B&Ns (or whomever)college division for yeears was recently remodeled and the B&N name was put onto the building. It is still much more a college store selling textbooks etc but is now called Barnes & Noble. If it was owned by another Riggio entity I am not sure they would be allowed to use the B&N name.

    • mk, before this deteriorates into a pis$ing match, please let me reiterate my points.

      Borders stores are larger than B&N stores, and have considerably more titles in stock. Merchandisable square footage? The fact is, Borders stores are way larger downstairs, and then there is a whole second (and sometimes even a third) level to boot. No comparison whatsoever. B&N concentrates on having the top sellers in stock. Borders concentrates on having the greatest possible number of books, including the best-selling, in stock.

      If either Borders or B&N hasn't had a book that I was looking for, I have ordered it from Amazon (where I get a better price anyway, and now even free shipping with orders over $25). Believe me, not finding what I needed has happened more times at B&N than it ever has at Borders, and I have been to Borders stores literally hundreds of times more often.

      We can agree to disagree here, but rest assured that my assertions are backed up by plenty of real-life experiences. Best of luck to you. --Jeff

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      • >>>>>>We can agree to disagree here, but rest assured that my assertions are backed up by plenty of real-life experiences. <<<<<<

        Real life experience assertions? HUH? Pardon me if I am naive but that just doesn't hold much weight with me as a valid argument. I have seen small Borders and small B&Ns. I have seen two floor B&Ns as well as Borders. I have also seen stores that appear larger because of their layout. If you want to accurately compare you need to get the sq footage. The most recent press releases from B&N state that newly leased stores will be 23, 24 and 26k sq ft. This is comparable if not a bit larger than most Borders stores (some recently opened BPG stores are coming in at 18k sq ft).
        A few years ago I could say with confidence that you could walk into a Borders and you would find A LOT more titles than a B&N. Today I am not too confident. Over the past 2 years Borders has been consistently gutting it's inventory and cutting back on titles. I have seen "sections" that used to be 5 shelves reduced to half a shelf. The store that I work at has seen about 20k in titles no longer being stocked. However, I can say with confidence that Borders does NOT concentrate on having the greatest number anymore. They concentrate on having the greatest number of selling items. This means 30 more copies of the latest Patterson novel instead of copies of an obscure economic topic. Also, you will notice that most Borders have been expanding in the gifts and stationary area. This is usually in prime retail real estate space and requires an increase in inventory dollars. This money is coming from somewhere -- it comes, in part, from the decrease in book and music titles.

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