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  • rzipper1 rzipper1 Jan 13, 2011 1:13 PM Flag

    Run for the hills !

    I do not have a position in BKS, but I am (was) a customer.

    Shareholders should know that BKS is having a major problem processing orders. I placed an order for a MP3 download. Should be seconds right ? ... it has been 4 days ... and customer support (a 30 minute wait) just told me they don't have a clue as to when their problem processing orders will be fixed.

    Meanwhile they are still advertising "books in seconds" when they know that this is not true.

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    • You can say that again ! , placed an order to purchase " The execution of technical analysis : Financial prediction from Babylonian times to Bloomberg Tablets " , the wait time to place was 30 minutes , decided to CANCEL , once again the wait time was 30 MINUTES ! , was told " you just made it your orders been canceled " ( so I thought , I should've called American Express right away ) , 24 hours after being told my orders been " canceled " by a human I get an E-Mail stating my order cannot be canceled . BKS IS A JOKE ! I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING THERE AGAIN , good luck shareholders . Once this thing turns I will be the first to post TECHNICALS ! Pivots , support and resistance numbers , Fibonacci , Volume , Exponentials , Institutional sales , short volume , you name it .

    • I have not received my order (an electronic download)... after more than a week of waiting.

      All emails sent, come back "We have a backlog" ...

      Calls to customer service take about 30 mins. to get through and are no help.

      ... and you say your delivery was delayed and was not charged.

      So if I was investing in BKS I would be worried. In this extremely competitive environment, if your company cannot deliver on time, is not charging correctly and has poor customer service, the top and bottom line will eventually reflect this.

      Disclosure: I am not long or short BKS. I am (was) a customer just trying to let investors know of a material fact that I believe will effect the company.

    • Rzipper, has your credit card been billed yet (check your bank statement). If not, it's probably going to be free.

      The delivery e-mail stated their was a charge for me, their wasn't.

    • One of my earlier nook book purchases this month was also delayed (I didn't notice at the time). I was NEVER billed for it, even after delivery.

    • Yahoo keeps eating my messages.

      Long story short, I tried this. Delivery was delayed, but my bank statement shows no charge.

    • hmmmmm

    • How do you download a MP3? Nook uses the epub format just like Border's Kobe, Sony's Ereader and Apple's Ipad.

    • One users experience does not control stock price.

      That said, my opinion has been voiced.

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      • This IS one customers experience. BUT this is not my problem alone. This is a problem processing orders for anyone trying to download an MP3 book.

        I have an iPod touch and have been waiting 5 days for the promised email with a download link. I have called customer service twice and they said they have a problem and do not know when it will be fixed.

        If you do not think they are having a problem processing MP3 downloads (and probably other types of downloads) call customer support (be ready to wait for 20 - 30 minutes) and ask them.

        ... or send an email to investor relations and ask them.

        In this age where a large percent of your customers are online, I would think this is a sign that BKS is having serious back office problems.

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