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  • ezalldee ezalldee Jun 1, 2011 8:35 AM Flag

    Malone will not over pay.

    I've been a Libertry shareholder 18-years and can tell you Malone will not over pay for a company. LYV is a good example. Liberty tried to up there stake with an offer of +25% it was rejected and Liberty backed off. My guess is 19 tops. If they walk stock drops hard. Good luck.

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    • If Liberty drops their bid BKS shares will be cut in half and the company may end up in CH.11.

      How many of you here were buying shares in the $8.00 bracket? Truthfully? And that was as recent as the middle of April this year.


    • Message for you boomer:

      BKS crawling back up. In another 4 bits it will be where I sold it. Doesn't that just chap your a$$.

    • Admittedly, I have been wrong in the past about the prospects of a buy out, which appear decent now.

      However, my bearish viewpoint is mostly driven by the fact that by itself, BKS would be unlikely to be able to compete with AAPL, AMZN...on the nook platform before they run out of cash. This outlook changes if Liberty is willing to backstop this company and keep on putting money into the operation until it is profitable. Conceivably we are talking about as much as an additional couple billion. So given that Liberty is essentially putting up an ante of 1B in a hand they will possibly have to sink a few more billion in before it possibly pays off, maybe they would be willing pay more at this point. However, Liberty is the strong party since they don't need this deal, while BKS really does. Therefore, it seems unlikely that any realized buy out price will be much higher than the bid. But I've been wrong before...

    • I have a feeling that they're going to walk away.

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