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  • indexplus2001 indexplus2001 Nov 16, 2011 9:28 PM Flag

    More pain for the shorts ahead

    I think the stock did not deserve more than 20% from it's 11.5 price. That's because

    1) the new Nook is not a big leap from the old one 2) the e-reader tablet market is competitive - so nobody will make a killing and 3) People will not jump on buying these things as much because the real cost is in books, not in e-readers. Like the ink jet printers with expensive cartidges, people will be slow to buy even if the cost is next to nothing

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    • I have spend nearly $100 within 4 hours after Nook Tablet purchase:

      1. 4 talking books for my kid
      2 1 regular book for me
      3 3 doctor seuss apps
      4 1 gossip magazine for my wife (and since she will be flying outside of the country we will have to pre download a ton of magazines and books for her (it is lighter and smaller than ipad and u cant use 3g while traveling anyways)

      On top of that $20 on screen protector, $34 on cover and $49 on warranty. Now... BKS took 20-30 preorders per day per store and this is before holiday even started! NOW 1000S OF WALMARTS, targets, staples, officedepots, radioshacks, hhgreggs, sears plus 700 bks stores, books a million stores, bks college stores (600) etc all are selling the tablets! YESTERDAY and today at the store there are LINES of nook buyers, game buyers, gidt buyers, toy buyers ... and have youbeen to lately? Now u can buy everything from chargers to frying pans to rugs for the holidays.. so...keep shorting, guys, lol.

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