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  • gxstockholders gxstockholders Mar 24, 2013 12:20 AM Flag

    Just A Lazy Corporation... It Shows!

    It's not just the incompetence. It's the slow lazy way things are half done, not done or not kept up to date. Look at the slow half baked Walmart setup. When BKS say's they will be heavily advertising what do you see besides more red ink? How lazy is it to keep expecting customer traffic to be generated by the out of date Barnes And Noble web site that pushes the corporate structure first and basically puts the merchandise web site in a messy last place situation with the use of "A LAZY INSIGNIFICANT WEB LINK"?????

    Just A Lazy Corporation Run Into The Ground By The Over Compensated!... It Shows!
    At this location at least, really no longer give a crop what you do anymore from this point. BKS is just a temporary potential trade. Up, down or gone, it does not matter. You've had your Kodak moments!

    Pushing Nook LLC out front as the keeper but even entertaining taking BKS's stores private just say's one thing very loud: "This is an inside job, so please don't ask to look at the books anymore".

    I would'nt call them thieves or anything like that on a public stock message board. But personally after the last quarter's balance sheet showed the cash use, to some of their faces I would call them that.

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