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  • howo3579 howo3579 Jul 8, 2013 6:43 PM Flag

    Why is this POS still trading at the teens?

    BKS is growing negatively. It'll have to close more stores to survive. Don't care about its tablet. It'll never bring any significant revenue in when there are hundreds of established tablet models out there.

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    • You don't understand stocks at all… a share price doesn't mean anything. It could be $17/share and worth $50 billion or $200 million. The fact is the B&N name and resources are worth a lot. Now when you factor in their debt and if they can make a profit...

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      • Yea, and Borders name and resources were worth lots too, where did it take them. The bottom line is Barnes and Noble is no different than Borders was, except they have a tablet and a nicer store layout. It all comes down to ease of buying online. The younger generation prefers to download books onto a tablet and carry around as many as they want. No bulky books to lug around. It tends to be older readers that prefer to hold a real book. Even there, more and more are seeing the benefit of using a tablet and adopting technology at an increasing rate. I have never shorted a company and intended to at $18/share but forgot and got busy. The upcoming Christmas may be Barnes & Nobles last big dance. They generate the majority of the years revenue in the three months leading up to Christmas. If they don't pull a rabbit out of there hat this year mid single digits will be here in Jan-Feb. 2014, if they are lucky.

        Just My .02

      • get a grip.

      • Actually, share price means a lot. I'd explain it to you, but you're smart, you'll figure it out.

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