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  • shallan807 shallan807 Apr 26, 1998 6:17 PM Flag

    chart analysis

    Anyone notice an obvoius trend in the chart for the past year? Right around quarterly earnings report dates (approx. May
    20th next earnings report), this stock rallies to new highs peaking approximately 6 weeks later. Then, the stock tapers and
    broadens a little until next earnings report, in which case the pattern repeats again. With this observation, right now it seems a
    great value to be buying at this price at just over $35/share. This stock will probably rally to mid 40's by 2nd week of July. BKS
    has been posting consistently solid earnings, making the chart that much more predictable.

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    • Hello!

      I invested in BKS last fall when
      slammed down by the Asian mess. It proved to be a good
      entry point for this stock. I am now looking for
      another entry point.

      I chart and do TA work
      regularly on my stocks and your posting caught my eye. Your
      observations show good insight. Are you interested in learning
      technical analysis? I am starting to work on the daily,
      weekly and monthly charts and there respective
      indicators for a read on BKS for an entry point.

      are your thoughts on the stock direction from this
      point to earnings and beyond?


    • Does anyone know if there is a bulletin board where people can request stores to be built? or if B&N has a listing of announced new stores? Books-a-million is coming to my town...but I really want a B&N. Any idea how to get the corporate folks attention?

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