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  • stock_rod stock_rod Oct 15, 1998 2:55 PM Flag

    If someone tries to sell you something R

    Hawk whatever you want but I don't trust
    salesman. Maybe you are trying to get people to buy that
    stock so you can get your money back on it - you have a
    long way to go if you paid .96 for it!. Sure there are
    millions of companies that are tiny and may SOMEDAY" be an
    AMZN or a BKS but very few will get that big, just
    like fish Billions of eggs make millions of fry that
    make a few cod fish. Those words like "could be" just
    strike a cord in me, it is not the first time I have
    heard something like this. The only time I look into
    purchasing a stock mentioned on the Yahoo boards is when
    someone who owns some stock, adds to a board and mentions
    another stock to look into. But, you are right, maybe
    some day it wil be a diamond in a sea of saphire, go
    buy more and don't forget to write.

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    • You are exactly right, look for something you
      want to buy because it is a good investment, but
      putting your faith into someone else can get you in
      trouble. If you have a good relationship with a full
      service broker, trust their advice.

      When I say
      relationship, I mean make sure they are willing to talk to you
      to see how your family is doing, if they are willing
      to spend ten minutes, during trading hours, making
      small talk with you, then they are trustworthy,
      otherwise, they are just salesmen.

      My broker put me
      onto BKS three year ago, I like the long term
      prospects of the company, and the recent sell off is just a
      blip on the screen. I see BKS being similar to Home
      Depot in its market in about ten years, they are
      everywhere, and in good locations. Borders is like Lowes,
      going after a certain market, and being good at it, but
      definately no HD.

      Just my thoughts,


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