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  • brooktrout34 brooktrout34 Apr 14, 1999 11:28 AM Flag

    Just a funny observation....

    I was going to hit the AMZN BB and post something
    to get their dander up when I realized how much spam
    they get over there. Stuff like, check out xzy
    company.....2000% return in a day....or ....checkout yzx company,
    the next Amazon. Does it seem to be logical that the
    spamers figure that if someone is stupid enough to buy
    AMZN at the hyper inflated prices they're stupid
    enough to buy anything?

    By the way, i couldnt
    bring myself to put the nasty post out there....looks
    like those poor b*astards have their own board
    problems without my help.

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    • Why not pick up another 405 BKS today, even if
      you have to sell some other stock to raise the
      capital, and ride an even 1000 shares into the sunset?
      Your average price will be about 31 bucks a share
      (Wish my average was anywhere near that, it's around 35
      on 1500 shares), and the payday will be much sweeter
      for you down the road. Your PER isn't going anywhere
      right now, and you could always buy it back with only a
      portion of what your additional investment in BKS will
      realize 4-6 weeks from now. I sold my KO stock and cashed
      in some mutual funds money (and paid a 3% redemption
      penalty) to buy 1100 BKS during the last month that I've
      added to my original position of 400 shares. I'm
      debating within myself whether or not to pull the trigger
      for 500 more BKS today, and if I'm smart, I'll do it.
      Why not go for the brass ring when I know
      opportunities like this are few and far between?

    • for response. You (and several others on this
      board) seem to be the most knowledgable regarding the
      'black art' of investing! I asked because as I mentioned
      in previous post about Datek's IPO later this year;
      my 'friend' was asking ME about options.
      Now as
      it relates to her, this is what I understand about
      options: (anyone who can give a 25 word or less (okay-50
      words) description of whatand how options work would be
      greatly appreciated)...
      1. Datek (or any company going
      public) offers their employees an OPTION to buy their
      shares at a specific price.
      2. Employee 'X' buy's
      option for say 500 shares at, oh say $5.00
      3. The
      company then goes public and IPO runs up (like bnbn will)
      to $90 a share.
      4. Employee 'X' then exercises(?)
      her option to buy 500 shares at $5.00 (really worth
      now $45,000--math probably off-caffeine level getting

      WARNING: I make NO claim to be knowledgable regarding
      this--looking for help...appreciate ANY help on this!
      long on BKS with 595 shares--in at $27.94.
      GO BKS,
      good luck to all.

    • Texas.....Please do me a favor....Drive to Houston and wake up CEO Eckhard Pfeiffer CEO of Compaq...Please don't let him sleep through the next quarter...! Thanks GO BKS GO DELL

    • I agree! But now we are speckulating on the diversity of their ports. I can't argue, your point is valid.

    • Although I have been anxiously awaiting AOL
      earnings, I really didn't think about the whole earnings
      picture. If BKS receives word from the SEC the week of the stocks are going to be hot...why? Look who is
      reporting earnings that week;

      EBAY reports on 4/26,
      AOL reports on 4/27, and AMZN reports on 4/28.

      A lot of trading is going to be going on that
      week...daytraders love IPO's and earnings...

      Daytrader Drew

    • That is more quantity than any of my other
      holdings...except GSIC...I call it "my very own on line grocery
      store"...A new company...I don't know shit about it, but for
      a measly $1500...You can own 10,000 shares! Makes
      me fell like a real "high roller"....

    • I would not sell BKS to buy BNBN...I would sell
      another part of my portfolio...Maybe some of my dead
      stocks or mutuals...Why sell something now at these
      prices when you know that in 4-6 months this stock will
      be trading consistantly in a much higher range...?
      GO BKS... GO DELL... GO TO WORK...!

    • Great price, fella. 34 3/8, you timed this one
      right. Wish I had done the same, but I jumped the gun a
      little and added to the load at 36 1/2. Still, in the
      long run it won't matter much. It's gonna be a fat
      payday when this thing explodes. In fact, I feel much
      better this afternoon after seeing the smart recovery
      right after you bought. How many BKS are you riding
      now? I have 1500 (average price right around 35) which
      is by far the largest position I've ever held on any

    • only a fool would sell tomorrow...I don't mean
      Motley...I more than doubled my position today @34
      1/2...right before the change at 2 O'clock...I believe
      tomorrow will bring some buying...even on no news similar
      to last friday...depending on how much the increase
      is I don't think BKS will sell off towards the end
      of tomorrows trading...That is my crystal ball
      reading for friday April 16....GO BKS GO DELL...Dell will
      pick up tomorrow too...
      Good luck to all..........

    • click candle...then click momentum at the bottom
      of the screen<you have to scroll down, you
      probably already knew this>...anyway longs will have to

      hope all your investments go well

      shorts...well i hope you have the sense to know when to take
      your profits...if not i'll have to reopen my clinic on
      monday...i'll bring some of my big city specialists...the
      institutional kind...and all the "docs" on this site are
      welcome to scrub in and assist...:)

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