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  • parkcitydude parkcitydude May 10, 1999 12:54 AM Flag

    say what?

    lots of people (including nearly everyone here),
    have purchased bks stock because of the existence of
    bnbn, so clearly some % of it is already in the bks
    price. since i am long i only hope that % is not 110
    (but this is far from obvious)

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    • i peeked in to espi and saw some good looking surges...thanks for the heads up...;) i'll stop BUY soon and see what's goin on...might as well today...nothin much going on here :(

    • To: Lane Hall-Witt (75366 )
      From: TokyoMex
      Monday, May 17 1999 10:16PM ET Reply # of 75385
      I met
      with BKS ,,sen, vp of marketing other day ,,
      I was
      very impressed with him ,, I want some BKS ,,
      my comments: Not my kind of guru, but whatever. To
      whom does the future belong, to the guardians like
      Greenspan or the dudes like TokyoMexJoe? Oy veigh!

    • What is all this bullshit about Tokyo Joe. I haven't seen him say anything about BKS?????

    • ...former practice!!! We are about to have an emergency and your services will be needed!!!

    • the chart looks horrible...........looks like weve started a retracement back to 20's!!!!

      timing is everything .......and did they screw this one up.

    • For those that do not know TokyoMex, let me fill
      you in.

      Go to and find out
      some more about the site.

      Second, look at the
      number of hits they have received since December

      I have followed his picks for a while and so have a
      lot of people. BKS will move with people like

      The group has a huge following. I also noticed the
      time of the post and it was 10:16PM. Should be a good
      day tomorrow.

      BTW, please raise your hand if
      any of you had a personal meeting with the senior VP
      of marketing at BKS? Wouldn't you think that he
      (Tokyo) has some insights into the company the rest of us
      do not???

      I didn't think so.

      I think
      news from TokyoMex is big. Lets see what it does to
      the stock!

      Also, AverageHenry, you are a loser
      who is short on BKS or a person who really shouldn't
      be playing the market. It is sad how many people
      claim to be long and concerned when they are dumb
      enough to short. For another example of an idiot short,
      go visit DanjinQ at the MXTR


      Should be a good day tomorrow.

    • I was curious about that too, and I was told
      basically what Dr. Pixel said. But also they told me that
      if I sold before 60 days, I'd be black-listed for 60
      days after that. But that after that time, I'd be back
      where I started and not at a lower place in the heap.
      So it sounds like if you're lucky enough to get
      offered shares, you could flip them, and ostensibly, do
      it two or three more times in the next year. (But
      who gets offered that many shares from Wit anyway!
      I've never gotten any, and am about ready to give up.

    • some of us-myself included--are pinning our hopes
      on the POSSIBILITY that we'll get the shares we
      want. As the say in the NY Lottery ads, all it takes is
      a dollar and a dream....
      A question for YOU
      though. Lets hypothetically say you get lucky and
      WitCapital gives you what you want--say 100 shares@$14 a
      share. My question is this: If you have 100 shares at
      $13 and the market opens for at $50 a share,
      do you actually make money before the market even
      opens, or do YOU pay 50 p/s.
      This is my 1st IPO
      play, so forgive the ignorance--it is late and I'm
      bagged out after watching BKS gyrations...appreciate an
      asap response..

    • Mr_Venture_Capitalist Mr_Venture_Capitalist May 17, 1999 10:28 PM Flag

      I forgot which last IPO at Wit I put a bid on,
      but it was some internet-related company a week ago.
      I read the e-mail offer one hour after it was sent
      out. I immediately went on the site and put a bid on
      it. Couple days later I find out that all the shares
      were taken. Already within an hour!!!

      first come first serve allocation is really unfair. The
      people who sit around e-mail all day and the ones that
      pay lots of $$$ for quick professional notification
      services are the ones that benefit!

      I didn't read
      the e-mail for BNBN until the next day. I really
      doubt I'll get any of that.. hahaha

      Should have
      some kind of random lottery process.

      just wayyy too much demand for the limited supply
      available. The word is about about WIT and there's wayyyy
      too many people competing for shares.

      I think
      I'll stick with my Ameritrade account for a while.

    • For the big IPOs, you will get 50 or 100 shares, or more likely 0 shares. For the ones that do not do so well you can get 300 shares.

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