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  • tasia_tiger tasia_tiger May 24, 1999 9:42 AM Flag

    Delayed open ...

    for pending news or sorting out prices? Are you going to see a 10+ pts gap up? a wishful thinking I admit.


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    • eom

    • That is what you poor people are going to be seeing by the end of the week! And iam going to be filthy rich again, somebody stop me, making this much money has to be illegal!

    • you got that right.
      its all a guessing
      i dont understand why people keep deluding
      with all their numbers and cliches. like "as soon as
      bnbn is out, bks is gonna follow, its gonna be at
      i personally like 76 better.

      cause i was
      born that year.

      its a gamble. its as
      good as if we are in las vegas, or at the horse
      i bet you guys were wondering where i got that
      number from.
      got your hopes up. ha

      im sorry, i
      got a negative attitude.
      i own bks , i like it.
      but all the scaredy cat shit i see on this
      is really ...... annoying.
      i mean everybody got
      these predictions, but you guys dont realize everybody
      is right , sooner or later. just wait your turn.

    • that one day does not a week make!
      You wrote,
      "Who expected to have an internet IPO on a down week
      for internet stocks."
      Today is Monday, and unless
      you are psychic, I believe we have a few days of
      trading left before the week ends. So unless you KNOW
      that "internet stocks" will have a down week, I tend
      believe you haven't a clue as to what is going on. And
      since you mentioned that
      "BKS is simply a bookstore
      chain / book distributor." I need to ask you if you've
      ever been to one of their brick/mortar establishments.
      I have, and they are great for sure. I might also
      add that they EARN money! As far as distributor, they
      may wind up being the largest distributor in the US
      if Ingram deal goes forward so your dismissal of BKS
      as "simply" is an obvious oversimplification on your
      part, don't you think? Put your money in here, and let
      it ride for while. You won't be disappointed

    • BKS does not get the cash from the IPO. BNBN gets
      the cash for corporate purposes of BNBN. BKS retains
      41% ownership of BNBN.

      One other point is that
      after the IPO BKS is no internet stock. BKS has no
      internet site. BNBN is a separate stock and separate
      corporation. You know, like an IPO.

      BNBN is the
      internet play. BKS is simply a bookstore chain / book
      distributor. Remember, the B&M part of the business is dead
      meat. The internet is the only way to go in the future.
      At least that is what the internet crowd

      As far as stability goes, I just do not see that
      here right now. Perhaps later but just not now. That
      is the reason that I did not buy into this stock.
      BKS being in the $31's today was a complete surprise
      to me. Tomorrow BKS could be anywhere on your
      lottery list.

      Good luck to you BKS longs because
      you may need it this week. Who expected to have an
      internet IPO on a down week for internet stocks.

    • You mirror my sentiments. Thanks. DOMS and the
      market gods have presented a very interesting buying
      opportunity for tomorrow, maybe this week. I also am looking
      for the final SEC approval. Could it be possible that
      BKS management might postpone the IPO until a more
      propitious time given market conditions?

    • stayed the course will be handsomely rewarded
      ...those here just for the backdoor IPO had a chance to
      make money twice in the last 6 weeks when this ran to
      40. Those who stayed looking for
      50 - 60 should
      have taken what the market gave at the

      Here for the duration.
      Good luck longs.

    • Call me a dumb blonde. But has anybody seen the
      SEC approval announcements? Has the company (BKS)
      even announced an IPO day? I don't understand the sell
      off today. But I know one thing. The CEO single
      handedly owns 23% of BKS. He can't be acting against his
      own interest. My suggestion is hang in there. Do't
      listen to the f#@king DOMS(Day_Option_Momentum_Short)
      traders on this board.

    • <EOM>

    • Mr. Crestohl had it right. Anyone who sells now
      has to be out of their mind - the worst has GOT to be
      over - even if it only rebounds to 34, 35 or 36 this
      week - soon enough the Ingram deal goes thru, the
      market will rebound and the postive impact from BNBN
      will be felt - I've suffered with this stock too long
      for some manipulative bastards on WALL Street to get
      the best of me - if we all stick together we can ride
      this sucker out to the other side -

      power to
      all longs

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