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  • auramon auramon Jun 11, 1999 12:20 PM Flag

    emotional? On the contrary..

    My emotion told me to dump this sh!t long ago. I
    hate this even more now. But my concern was following
    emotion should not be the best for my interest. I did and
    still do think this one will go back up. That is why I
    am still holding sh!t loads of this one.

    may be stupid but am not being emotional.

    emotion keeps telling me to get rid of this dog ASAP and
    never look back.

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    • THANKS for the warning, bud. I met this guy on
      the train on the way into work one day...seemed nice
      enough, but after talking with him for about 10 minutes,
      he launched into a 'spiel' about where he worked,
      My lead broker is MSDW, secondary (for the ipo of
      the century?!?...) is WitCapital. I really don't need
      a 3rd broker, knowwhatImean? Thanks for the warning
      the doc

    • Baron Chase... is the typical pump and dump
      company and you know who gets dumped upon.... I was with
      them in IPO and they tanked
      ask them about etel and
      other to pain full to talk about...

      You'll get
      better odds at Vegas then with them ...IMO

    • doctorpixel(glennpro from the home pc...). Thanks
      for the email shout. STILL holding on to bks--glad to
      see it move up AGAINST the market as usual. I'll take
      my profit a little bit at a time if thats the way
      its going to be. I remember when it hit the 52 week
      high of $48--shoulda got out then, but as you may
      remember they announced the FIRST IPO..and so, welll you
      know the story. Am still holding bnbn--glad to see IT
      move up above what I got in at ($18) and also holding
      Disney too. Got a tip from a friend (this is not a
      tout-just passing along some info, so don't SCREAM at me,
      okay folks?!)
      Company name is GenTrak--somehow
      involved with DNA mapping for paternity suits, organ
      transplants and is in biotech industry. Read some interesting
      stuff on it, but do your DD! Small float expected end
      of this month (June) through broker Barron Chase
      Securities. IPOing at aroung $10?...please, again just
      passing along a tip--I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH this,
      Will 'talk' to you tomorrowDogT--really

    • PTIX is a solid, conservative technology
      investment without the insider selling we saw in BKS.
      However, a month ago PTIX was around 9, now over 20. I
      have no idea why it is going up or if it will go up
      further, although it has gone up 10% today. A small
      company manufacturing Nebula switches for Cisco and
      others. No hype. Just trying to find a way to make up BKS
      losses. Not much news except Nebula shipping, however
      mentioned on IBD list. Also investing in SPTR and AOL
      (although I want to get out of AOL because there are too
      many ISP's and broadband concerns).

      counting on significant advance in BKS until XMas. Don't
      know whether we can realistically see upper 30's. Want
      to compare this with Nordstroms. Recently in San
      Diego. A lot more customers in Nordstroms than Barnes &

      Interested in what you're doing.


    • Good to see BKS have an up day, like to see it
      continue. C and NITE are very quickly erasing my BKS losses
      of the 1000 shares I sold at a loss of $6 per share.
      NITE is awesome, bought 400 @46 1/4 Weds June 16;
      closed today @59, up 6 1/4 for the day. I feel very good
      about the financial/tech stocks and figure this week
      will be great with LEH, GS and MWD reporting 2nd Q
      earnings Tues, Weds & Thurs respectively. Expect blowout
      numbers from all three which certainly bodes well for my
      C and NITE. My portfolio is balanced the way I like
      it now and even though I still have a big chip on
      BKS (1000 shares); it only makes up 15% of my stock
      portfolio and 7% of my overall portfolio.

    • Like you and Mr. C. I have been terribly
      disappointed as well...and learned a lesson as
      well....however, the fundementals remain, and therefore remain
      optiistic that BKS will bounce back. As I said before, I am
      typically a longer term investor, and will generally take
      my lumps, as long as longer term returns are
      satisfactory ( to me ). As a matter of fact, just bought 200
      BNBN.....cannot help but think, these dogs have goota go up...


    • here in New York! I can appreciate your
      sentiments re:bks/bnbn. You and I have 'talked' about this
      whole mess several times in past postings; and I can't
      blame you for feeling the way you do--hell, I have
      similar feelings, but I'm sure there a a 'few' others on
      this board who
      1. Trusted BKS mgmt to do the right
      2. Were swept up into the hype machine like so much
      lint on a rug.
      3. Were sorely disappointed when the
      'ipo of the century' never quite

      As a result, many of us (me include, and you also..)
      will have to be content to lick our wounds and accept
      the previous lackluster performance of these 2 stocks
      as a valuable lesson. Unfortunately, I did not do
      the DD some many speak of on this and other boards.
      FORTUNATELY, I did not 'sell the farm' to get in on both
      stocks; but enough to get enough of a whoppin' to
      remember what NOT to do next time. I mentioned I'm pretty
      much a mutual fund kind of guy; and over the years
      haven't done too bad. The market is a new beast for me to
      wrangle with, and hopefully I'll have learned from past
      experiences. I really believe (Iam an eternal optimist!..)
      that eventually I'll be rewarded for my patience when
      'retail' stocks come back into favor; and market investors
      realize that amazon is nothing but smoke and mirrors, but
      hey: its just MY opinion, right?

    • I don't claim to be a stock market expert and
      have made some mistakes, the biggest one being BKS. I
      bought MO at 40 in March and endured pain when it
      dropped into the 33-35 range in April. At 42 1/4, I'm
      slightly ahead now and expecting the uptrend to continue.
      I plan to hold MO as a long term investment. At
      least, unlike BKS which pays zero dividend, MO pays an
      annual dividend of nearly 5%. I have freely admitted I
      fucked up with BKS, so I really don't understand the
      snotty tone of your post. I bought NITE at 46 1/4 last
      Weds and plan to sell after 2nd Q earnings are
      reported July 21 and expect NITE to be in the 70-80 range
      by then. C and HD are long term investments. I am
      generally a long term investor on most stocks, but will
      sometimes flip a stock to lock in profits and once in a
      while like with BKS and BGP have locked in losses.
      Despite my setback with BKS, I am up over 40% in the last
      12 months overall. I will do better than that over
      the next 12 months unless the general market sucks
      during this period.

    • Now your a newbie investor with one whole year
      behind you,(your ass ain't big enough) and you've
      determined the absolute best periods for holding and
      selling, all this on twelve months experience. If your so
      smart why didn't you sell at 36 prior to the IPO. why
      did you even hold a position since you must have
      known what would happen post IPO. P.S> how about
      MO when did you buy it and better yet when will you
      sell it, please do tell.......

    • I have owned BKS shares since Nov/98 and am still
      a long term investor in this stock. As IPO became
      more of a reality, I added to my position several
      times and built up my position anticipating a pre-IPO
      spike in price. I did get swept up with the hype and
      planned to take profits on the excess shares I bought and
      still planned to retain half my shares for a long
      position post-IPO. I gambled and lost. I found my
      portfolio out of balance with far too much of a position in
      BKS and felt I made the right move by reducing my
      position in BKS and buying C at a bargain price, given the
      opportunity to do so. I am still an investor in BKS holding
      1000 shares, but am frustrated to see this stock
      continuing to bleed. The INGRAM deal turning to dust pissed
      me off totally and was the decisive factor in the
      great chance in my attitude towards BKS. I figured the
      weak hands and momentum players were gone when BKS
      dipped below 26 early this week and was encouraged on
      Weds when BKS gained 1 1/2 to close above 27. But it's
      just resumed it's bleeding the last two days.
      Frustrated with this stock? You bet. Do I still believe BKS
      will roar back and hit record highs? It's possible
      given enough time to do so, but I highly doubt I'll be
      around that long. A company is only as good as their
      management, and BKS management no longer has my trust or
      respect. There are better opportunities out there and I'm
      looking forward to the day when BKS price looks
      attractive enough for me to roll over into another stock I
      like better at an entry price that looks attractive
      enough for me to pull the trigger.

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