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  • foggysail foggysail Jun 27, 1999 10:25 PM Flag


    YOur post is on the mark! How can anyone expect
    this stock to surge when there is no

    Watch out indeed! Tomorrow morning, (Monday) you may
    well see this OPEN at less than 26! Then watch for

    Remember- investments are intended to make money, not cheer
    on the team, especially a losing team.


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    • Have been away. How prophetic that Smoking Man
      said that we'd have to wait until BKS reached 25.
      However, thinking that it will go still lower because of
      competition and rumor that Borders? might buy BAMM. I sold my
      BKS and investing in broadband communications. Making
      some profits. Anxious to make up BKS losses.

    • -The retailers are a bit of a funny bunch.

      -Given all the hoopla about rising costs to the
      consumer, you would imagine that retailers would have
      flown, but this hasn't been the case. -Sure there have
      been some good moves made here and there, but overall
      they haven't performed as well as we thought they
      -Our two favorites CC and BBY have been
      incredible gainers, and still look great.
      -NAUT got a
      nice article in Barrons and could move, but after
      that..only a few look ready to move substantially higher.

      -WMT appears to be good for more, TOM is moving
      towards their split, and TIF has been doing great.

      -The balance of the rest all appear "tired".

      -Maybe this week will wake some of them up.
      long shot BRAD made a great move for us going from
      under 9 to over 15 and now even they appear ready for a

      Links to best financial

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    • Never owned BAMM. I did own BGP until June 16.
      Thankfully I sold that dog at 16 3/8 (now 14 13/16) and used
      that money to buy NITE at 46 1/4 (now 59 3/8). I have
      had it with bookstocks, they have caused me nothing
      but aggravation and disappointment. Sorry, I don't
      really have any thoughts on BAMM/WMT except that BAMM
      shareholders must be happy. As usual, this doesn't bode well
      for BKS, it just makes a minor competitor into a more
      potent competitor teamed up with WMT. This will probably
      drive BKS shareprice down a couple points. I've reduced
      my BKS holdings from 2000 to 500 and am looking
      forward to the day when my BKS holdings become ZERO.

    • Thank you for your reply. Hope so. Mrow2

    • please. Couldn't BKS have been there if Mr.
      Riggio was on the ball? You owned some BAMM didn't you?
      If you had held, you would have made 18%

      Good luck to you and BKS longs,

    • Dumped another 500 shares of this putrid piece of
      garbage (BKS) at the wonderful price of 26 and bought 300
      shares of GILLETTE (G) at 41 just about 20 minutes
      before the close today. G closed at 41 1/4 and BKS at
      26, so I feel better already. Still have my final 500
      BKS to do something with and I'm looking for one more
      good stock to trade in for, and then I will be
      completely out of BKS forever. I have no confidence that BKS
      will ever recover. BNBN is an absolute dog and going
      nowhere. July is going to be great and BKS will not
      participate in the rally. Later this year, there will be a
      lot of people selling BKS to lock in their capital
      tax losses to reduce capital gains on stocks that
      will have made money this year and that will keep BKS
      shareprice depressed during pre-Xmas period. Six weeks since
      the IPO floperoo and this stock just gets shittier
      and shittier. Sometimes, just sometimes, all the
      waiting in the world doesn't solve the problem and just
      isn't worthwhile when there are some other real good
      buys out there with potential to move in a strong
      overall market.

    • Goodness, you are so witty. Did one of your grade school buddies give you that line?


    • if he did, then he's definetly Lenny!!!

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