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  • kblab2 May 16, 2013 2:31 AM Flag


    GVA now forecasts revenue for 2013 of about $1.6 Billion. This figure is about 50 percent of just 3 years ago.Even with the games played by Ole Dead Wood Dorey with the GAAP accounting system, the cold hard economic facts are that the heavy construction industry is one of little, if any profits, and usually huge loses masked by creative accounting gimmicky.

    We continue to short this hyped pile of Ole Dead Wood Dorey dung

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    • While Kbloisab2 needs no introduction, I do want to state that some time ago I conducted a series of in-depth interviews in which I discovered that most respondents indubitably don't want Kbloisab2 to encourage bestial turncoats to see themselves as victims and, therefore, live by alibis rather than by honest effort. To begin at the beginning, we can never return to the past. And if we are ever to move forward to the future, we undoubtedly have to give him the severe tongue-lashing he deserves.

      Kbloisab2 claims that we can trust him not to manufacture outrage at his adversaries by attributing to them all sorts of quisquilious apologues. I would say that that claim is 70% folderol, 20% twaddle, and 10% another stubborn attempt to subjugate persons of culture, refinement, and learning to prolix radicals. Even without the ruthless ideology of phallocentrism in the picture, we can still say that his brusque stratagems are meticulously designed to keep the population unaware, uneducated, dumbed down, and focused on stupefying activities like video games. The intention is to prevent people from noticing that Kbloisab2 has been elevating goofy barbarians to the sublime. His activities are geared toward the continuation of social stratification under the rubric of "tradition". Funny, that was the same term that Kbloisab2's satellites once used to squabash his opponents.

      That's just one side of the coin. The other side is that Kbloisab2's worldview is based on pop psychology, wishful thinking, and a particularly simple-minded version of cameralism. (The merits of Kbloisab2's credos won't be discussed here because they lack merit.) Let me mention again that I defy the catty so-called experts who thrust all of us into scenarios rife with personal animosities and petty resentments, and I defy the powers of darkness that they represent.

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