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  • redspinelpinktopaz redspinelpinktopaz Jun 28, 2013 10:10 AM Flag


    mjh194353 babbles. you are right on. and the multiple tick diseases with, i guess, babeseosis the worst, is the reason for CEMI's multiplexing breakthrough. With multi strips. you test for them all! and unlike AIDs, where people seem to be afraid to know, they'll be running to the hospital, doctor's office, and yes, you guessed it, the drug store for the OTC version.

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    • Lyme disease has the telltale sign of a red ring around a tick bite. I didn't have that when I discovered the tick on me or in the days after so I never went to a doctor. I went home back out west but returned to NY a month later and within a day of arriving started to crash. As I later learned, babeseosis takes 30 days to manifest itself. I really had no idea what was happening and since I didn't have any immediate symptoms of lyme (I'd never heard of babeseosis before this) I didn't think that a tick bite a month earlier had anything to do with it. People I've spoken with since on LI who have been bitten all have either gone right to a doctor as soon as they discovered the tick on them or as soon as they saw the ring forming around the bite. Not sure what kind of testing is done in a doctor's office or what they did with my blood in the ER. They also did a CT scan of my brain.

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