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  • SilverD19 SilverD19 Mar 17, 2005 4:40 PM Flag

    For technical chart watchers only...

    Take a look at ABLE's chart, and trace the initial ascent, from the first pivot at $3.10, to the close today at $13.03.

    Now look at ANTP's chart until $13, to its peak at $54.....

    Very similiar chart pattern, suggesting that ABLE may have the firepower to head to $50 in about a month, just as ANTP did.....

    The biggest difference is that ABLE is in a hot sector with strong revenue growth.

    Anyone want to weigh in here?

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    • Just a slight little difference between ABLE and ANTP.....ANTP was not issuing 10.2 million shares at $2.93 a share.

    • This is really funny!! On every board, there is always a pumper who would bring the analogy between that board�s stock and ANTP (some would even have a link comparing the two charts). Out of 8,500 stocks, that�s the only stock they keep referring to! Ask yourself this, how many stocks out there that had an initial run like ABLE and then fell on their faces! Plenty, but of course they don't want to mention those ones.

      ABLE is a scam!!!!

      Good luck to all.

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      • well short term anything may happen nobody can tell that otherwise he would not post here, but long term the odds are in favor of the short side,
        earnings growth will slow due to seasonal patterns, acc to ables 10 k, nobody who is long read it anyway.

        shares for 30 million $ will be issued, even with excellent fundamentals, the stock price would take a hit, not necessary to mention what will happen to able.

    • I agree it will continue...I bought back at the close...around makers screwed people on the closing price...spread was big and they got someone to sell at 13.03. it still was a new closing high today, even though the intraday high was 14.43. sucked I didn't make much today...didn't buy it early since I didn't know if it would close above the closing high...of course now it is confirmed