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  • jusdoit91 jusdoit91 Oct 8, 2003 1:42 AM Flag


    I have been trading markets for awhile.I love the posts for and agains. I like active posting boards.It is easier for me to trade markets from the technical side.
    A few observations:
    1) the gap lower opening from yesterday will be filled. Don't know when but will be retraced.
    2) all the momentim is on the down side. There has been nothing to suggest a buying opportunity and as long as people are ready to continue vomiting their shares shares or shorting the stock, this puppy doesn't go higher
    3)I know this is not rocket science material, but the market will go where it wants to go regardless of a Canadian Banks' comment, Staa press release or lack there of, or 500 or 5 million eyes to be fit.
    4) Lastly Staa, had a nice run from the 3s to 12s and then started to churn. I use moving averages mostly to make my decisions. I don't have the time nor the inclination to do all the math trying to figure out fundamental direction.
    5) To remind me of the stupidity when one falls in love with a stock, I look at a stock certificate that is on my desk for 17000 shares that once traded at $21.00 and are quoted now at $00.00001. I loved the company so much I let $350,000 turn into nothing, because I was waiting for a $50.00 price.
    6) It is always easy to decide when to take a position in a stock.It is tuff to admit when one is wrong. 10 small losses can be cleaned up with a $3 to $12 run


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