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  • djfranknitti djfranknitti Nov 1, 2007 3:32 PM Flag

    afsi is a strong buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    well lets see, three consecutive quarters beating earnings, the do specialty insurance, not anything related to home insurance. They focus on business insurance and other types of special insurances.

    Plus they are multi-national, think about all the business that have been emerging from ermerging markets!!!!

    The company is a cash cow, it is not losing money, the stock is basically getting punished for no reason, for get 20's I am seeing the 40's next year.

    Oh by the way, AFSI will be back in the 20's by years end!!!!

    This company just makes to much money, it is not affected at all by subprime, if anything they are writing insurances against subprime bonds to make more money.

    Give me one fundamental reason why this stock is going to the 10's?

    Give me one, like I said no lowered guidance during the CC, so I see know reason to worry.

    I also see that technically, this stock is just about ready for a huge run.

    I would advise that if you are short, to cover with in the next 3 weeks.

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    • I evaluate my stocks by combining VectorVest and IBD info into my own (value + growth) formula of evaluating. Although it's true that we are going through a period of technical weakness, the overall fundamentals of this company are very attractive and AFSI offers both value and growth. I bought in at $10 way back, and pulled out during this recent downturn. I'm again looking at these fundies and realizing that sometimes you have to get in when the stock is beat down to make a big profit. I'm getting ready to jump back in, I just think the numbers are too compelling. Maybe I'll call Cramer tonight during the lightning round and get his opinion!

    • agree

    • It would sure be great if the after hours quote was accurate. Nevertheless I am inclined to believe that if AFSI was going to miss earnings they would have warned ahead of Thursday. Further, earlier this year AFSI issued a specific press release that stated they are not subject to the sub prime mortgage woes in any way.

      Company generates close to half a billion dollars in revenues this year and that is with a bullet. The market capitalization is only $800 million. Finally, AFSI's p/e ration is low, even for the insurance industry, an industry that normally carries low P/Es.

      In my opinion AFSI is getting crucified because it is in the financial sector. This issue is terribly troubling for the following reason. We know from last Quarters earnings that the sub prime mortgage issue will preclude this issue from rising sharply if it beats earnings. I pray this does not happen again because we have no reason to believe there is anything wrong with the company other than the industry in which it finds itself.

      As for the AFSI board on Google, there is not enough activity.

    • LOL...

      Lofty numbers. Do you know the real reason why it's selling?


      My speculation are that some investors already know that their 3rd quarter and future earnings will be effected by the credit crises, specifically related to AFSI's investment of financial insitutions.

    • Agree w/a few things you said, except for AFSI's access to emerging markets. It doesn't have access to emerging markets.

      Further, I would request many of you to start commenting may be at for AFSI.

      This message board seems to be becoming "of pacdemical, for pacdecimal, and by pacdecimal" LOL

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