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  • sedirtysanchez sedirtysanchez Feb 7, 2002 4:22 PM Flag

    The GATS is back....

    ... and so am I. And no, I'm not a GATS alias. Ever since the GATS left, there really hasn't been any reason to visit as he was the only entertaining thing on the board who actually made sense. Since I grew tired of bashing that ASSHEAVES cheerleader, Creamjeans and his bullshit posts, there really wasn't any reason to visit. I figure that any idiot who actually listened to him deserved to lose their money anyway. But when I heard that this porker turned into a big heap of bacon, I just had to visit. Well, at least now sanity and reasoning has returned. Welcome back, GATS.

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    • you guys are a couple of dorks.

      go back to playing dungeons and dragons, you'll get more satisfaction out of it.

      gats are you that fool at emeryville borders spending your unemployment check on nonfat lattes and writing bad unpublishable prose on cardboard boxes?

      or are you that guy with the cardboard sign who hangs out by the railroad tracks?

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    • But, of course, Sanchez. They didn't listen to wisdom, did they? Preferred to listen to creamjeans and their ilk pumping this piggy up to the stars. And now? Well, now the bottom's falling out of the piggavator and the next stop is the bottom floor.

      Jesus, I thought we'd left scrotum-tighteners like ASKJ in the dust back in 2000, but it appears some of the breathless fuckers are still holding on at least long enough to suck one more round of cheap cash out of the american investing public before they Enron and disappear in a light blue <poof> of stinky flame.