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  • gene.foss gene.foss May 1, 2009 9:57 PM Flag

    Managers are robots!!!!

    All creativity is stifiled at the floor level!!!!
    Instead of being creative and making sales on the floor. Management has created an enviroment of, "follow the operating procedure." Since the overpaid jerks in La Canada have created this cook book enviroment, are you really wondering why your sales have gone down the toilet? Instead of enbracing the Internet, Sport Chalet has crapped on it! Many times I could have made $1000 dollar sales + proving we (Sport Chalet) can provide the same product, right now, in stock baby, than the Internet! But, Oh my, we don't do it that way! Sport Chalet, your getting just what you deserve. What is really sick is the idiots that drove the company into the ground are going to walk with millions!!!!

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    • You are so right. Those yoyo's had a ton of brand recognition. They could have at least had a website with all their products listed so that when sales occured patrons could have ordered via the web...but NO we would be customers had to trapse all the way down to the store in hopes that whatever it was we wanted would be in stock. I knew they were behind the 8ball in 2000 (and never adapted). IGNORANT!