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  • valuemonster123 valuemonster123 Jul 1, 2014 7:22 PM Flag

    Who Does Craig Levra Think He Is Kidding?!?

    What a P.O.S. (JMHO). First, he purposely does not run Sport Chalet well for the SHAREHOLDERS (just himself and his small coterie of 'Insiders' -- lease payments, too high salaries, etc.). Second, he proposes a take-over offer at a miniscule valuation. SPCHA and SPCHB should be valued at P/S since someone like DKS or SportsAuthority could run this business porofitably. He could EASILY get DKS to pay $3+ a share and DKS would be getting a heck of a bargain!! Let's all hope, wish, and pray that DKS or Leonard Green and Partners (Big 5, Sports Authority, Oshmans, SportmMart) make a low-ball bid just to blow up this sham.
    Sports Chalet was one of those companies run for 'leases' meaning, the Company was run to line the pockets of Sr. Mgmt. (all-JMHO). Sports Chalet could have been a profitable business, but nnnooooosireee. Just Craig Levra and his 'band' of merrymen like Howard Kaminsky. I mean look at the stock over time. Do Craig and Howard feel even an ounce of shame?!? For their salaries and bonsues?!? If they don't then.......
    Please, please pray for DKS &/or Leonard Green to make a play. It would be the only proper way for shareholders to be fairly rewarded. All JMHO....Great Luck to all.........