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  • valuemonster123 valuemonster123 Aug 15, 2014 6:17 PM Flag

    Let Vestis Rattle The Cage.....

    First, you make an excellent case for securities litigation. IF they even ATTEMPT at issuing more B shares to get the deal done, then they are dumber than they look. Which brings me to another GREAT point you make. GET RID OF LEVRA & GANG. They are substandard #$%$ (MHO) and should be shown the door. Too bad Olberz was suffereing from senility to be sweet-talked into giving Levra controlling leverage in Sports Chalet. A lot of problems can be tied directly to this.
    My advice? If I were a group of #$%$ like LEVRA & GANG, I would offer a premium fo rthe 'B' shares. Get the deal done. Whatever it takes.....
    As far as profits? My shares are profitable at $1.20 and at $1.04 (where BTW, the deal would NEVER get done IMO). Why? I never trusted LEVRA & GANG and as a result bought multiple times as shares were available under $1.00.
    Bottom line, this company should CHANGE SENIOR MANAGEMENT and float the shares where someone with retailing talent could accumulate them and make meaningful (i.e. shareholder-friendly) changes, including a potential buyout. You are correct that the controlling interest has caused probems -- major problems. An ENTRENCHED SUBSTANDARD SENIOR MGMT TEAM is the primary result. All JMHO. Great luck to all......