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  • offficerandagentleman offficerandagentleman Jan 26, 2009 5:31 PM Flag

    Factually False Public Statements?

    Back when Phil Verges was making public statements in writing concerning the Diamond I aquisition, it was as I have stated back when I was a shareholder, fraud. I confirmed from outside sources that Phil Verges was not in fact making the efforts to close the deal that he was stating in his statement just before the deal deadline. In fact, I was able to confirm that the parties were hardly talking at all. He put out a rosy statement at that time that was completely false expectations and I have openly stated I consider to be fraudulent. He knows where to find me if he would like to sue.

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    • That is a good point. PV did send out a PR around the time of the DMOI deal was supposed to close saying that everything was on target. In fact DMOI was lied too. They were supposed to get a certain amount in cash but near closing PV only offered "converts".

      PV even issued revenue guidance of $10 million for a company with no revenue. What a joke! PV just wanted to hype so he could later dilute. Lucky Lofton called his bluff.

      Some recent acquisitions that failed after the initial pump. These companies had time to do DD and walked away.

      Action Products
      Diamond I

      any others?

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      • Ha ha you crybabies better find a dictionary and look up "factually" and "false" and "statement".
        Then compare "infer" and "imply."

        And while you're at it, look up "promise" and "plan".

        My point is, you need to look closely at what Verges says exactly. Look at his words carefully and realistically, and you see grandiose plans and a speculative opportunity to participate in NMKT's tremendous record of growth. But look at his words from the perspective of greed and entitlement and self-hate, and you will see "promises" that turned into "lies".

    • You had to give credit to Phil for back off that deal, as you can see the GS3 never in production, and Loflin requested cash for it, so they can take the money and run.
      If the deal goes thru then NMKT will be in big black hole.
      Go kiss your DMOI or Loflin's asssssssssss.

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