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  • simplylegen3 simplylegen3 Apr 5, 1999 5:10 AM Flag

    vitx stuff


    hey there, I want to pass on this cool new research site. It's pretty well done and free too...

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    • This will come back sooner or later. I bought this stock last year at 5 and 1/2, sold at 9.

      Good Luck,

    • From the 4/16/99 company press release, they
      project first quater earnings estimates in line with
      analysit expectations, which should place them at about 5
      cents per share. That is why I bought 2000 shares today
      at 6 and 3/4. Also from the press release, they
      found 2 lots with high B19 PCR parvovirus, which sounds
      relatively benign if over 50% of the people in the US
      already have it in their blood. The press release said
      they are recalilng 7 lots (1 week production) out of
      an abundance of caution, which also sounds OK. The
      press release also stated that they intend to test
      their "production to date" for high levels of B19 PCR
      and assess the need for further product recall. This
      must be the problem, as no sooner did I buy at 6 and
      3/4 then it went immediatley down to 6. Someone is
      panicing, and thus if anyone participates in the conference
      call it would be extremely helpful if we could get
      feedback as to (1) why they are testing for B19 PCR if
      over 50% of the people in the US have it in their
      blood and no other plasma is tested for it, especially
      if it is essentially benign and (2) what are they
      going to do with their production to date if they find
      it in all the lots, as they are likely to find it if
      over 50% of the people already have it? As I undestand
      it, the SD process is not supposed to effect
      non-lipid viruses like B19 PCR -- so it is not surprising
      that such common non-lipid viruses would be found in
      the product. Undoubtedly, it is found in the same
      percentage of the VITX plasma as it is found in normal
      plasma. So can someone tell me what is going on? Why
      should this cause the stock to cave -- is it the word
      "safety recall" itself that is precipitating the
      sell-off, and if in fact there is no genuine need for a
      "safety recall", why is management doing a "safety
      recall" when their product is safer than anything else
      out there? Should all plasma be recalled -- and can
      someone articulate what the cost to the company is going
      to be from all this? What does the board think about
      this selloff and "safety recall", and if someone
      listens to the conference call, will they post what
      management says about all this? Thanks.

    • I believe I recall VITX saying that EPS would be
      released this Tuesday. Target is to beat $.05.

      the afternoon, VITX will hold a conference call. I
      strongly urge all serious investors to attend the call.
      you must call Debbie Bailey to get the
      number(516-752-7314, ask for investor relations).

      VITX's web
      site is not ready but will have the address

      I don't expect any major EPS news (in the 1st qtr)
      but I hope we can show continued improvement to lift
      the stock price to a respectable level. The late
      Friday selloff was only a couple of hundred shares ( I
      know because my buy order only was partially filled at
      7 1/4).

      Interesting questions that I hope
      are asked:

      1. When will revenue begin from
      additional fractionization?
      2. Status on sales effort of
      3. In which quarter will we see major
      4. When will Plasma disclaimer in SEC reports be
      removed? (the one that keeps saying sales are slower than
      5. Status on Fibrin Phase III trials?
      Universal Plasma-NDA when and what is the economic
      7. Management plans on increasing shareholder
      8. When will first milestone on red cells with PALL
      be met?
      9. Date for new web site?
      10. Analyst
      est. why the major jump in 3 rd qtr..will we make
      11. Insurance lawsuit..status and the income effect
      if favorable?

      Again, please attend the
      conference call, and always be careful.

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    • I am new to this board.

      What is VITX's
      long-term business outlook?

      Are there any current
      earnings estimates for this fiscal year?

      competiting technology a concern for this company? Could
      someone come out with a cheaper alternative such as a
      cheap way to test for AIDS, Hepatitis, etc (then the
      blood could be simply discarded and no blood would
      actually need to be "treated").

      • 1 Reply to xlilly
      • <<Is competiting technology a concern for
        this company? Could someone come out with a cheaper
        such as a cheap way to test for AIDS, Hepatitis,
        etc (then the blood could be simply discarded and no
        would actually need to be "treated").

        I would presume that there are many companies that
        have made assay products for such viruses. As for
        their cost, that may be expensive but I am not sure how
        much a treatment for the VITX product costs. I would
        think that much of this may depend on analysis time.
        Many assays take some time for the chemical to
        register the existance of the virus. Such time cost and
        labor cost of looking over each container of blood may
        be very costly compared to VITX's treatment (I am
        not sure about this).

        The other point that
        was mentioned in a previous post is that most assays
        focus on a specific virus. To check for all known
        deseases, one may end up performing several tests (unless
        some company comes out with an array of assays on a
        single solid phase). If VITX's product can universally
        eliminate any type of virus (I have no idea if they can)
        then it would again be a peace if mind and a liability
        thing. which goes beyond cost. I would like to know just
        how well the PLAS-D (or whatever its called)
        treatment works.

        As for the earning estimates, I
        would presume that you can find that in the Yahoo
        section under "research", which gives the estimates by
        the few analysts that follow this company.

        thing I would like to know is that if light is so
        destructive to the viruses, cant one just store the blood
        bags in a lighted storage for some time to kill off
        the viruses or does this also decimate the blood
        cells as well?