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  • barkingdog78 barkingdog78 Jun 23, 2012 9:19 AM Flag

    Or maybe not going to deregister?

    It's complicated:

    "• What impact could deregistration have on the company’s stock price? Could no longer being a public company make the bank’s shares less desirable, thus lowering the price and affecting existing holders?

    • What effect could deregistration have on shareholders’ liquidity?

    • What impact could deregistration have on the perceptions of shareholders and others regarding the company’s stance now and in the future?

    • How might a clear decision to keep the shareholder base below the new 2,000 threshold affect willingness of local market makers to continue providing a means of trading shares? It was pointed out that some market-makers may have been doing so in anticipation that a bank would eventually go public. Market-makers may reconsider their participation.

    • What impact would deregistration have on the company’s ability to trade in the future?

    • What impact would deregistration, or the decision to avoid the new threshold, have on institutional investors who have a piece of the bank? Such investors may not care for stock that isn’t going to be actively traded.

    • What impact would deregistration have on employees and employment-related programs? Would going private affect existing options and other equity-based rewards programs? Could there be an effect on employee stock ownership programs?

    • Could key employees’ decision to remain with the bank be affected in some way by the decision to deregister?

    • Could deregistration affect the prestige of the bank in its community? Could the wrong interpretation be put on deregistration?

    • More strategically, if the bank’s plans include making acquisitions in the future, a key “currency” for buying other institutions (other than failed or failing banks from the government) may be your bank’s own shares. Could deregistering devalue that stock-as-currency?

    • Could deregistering affect future ability to raise capital?

    • How might deregistration have on the bank’s insurance costs?"

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