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  • maine1964 maine1964 May 19, 2013 9:07 AM Flag

    HBKS vs. MNRK

    2 Stocks that have been headed in opposite directions for some time now. Stay on yahoo to overlay the 2-year charts of both stocks by hitting "compare". MNRK is up over 80% while HBKS is up 8%.

    Why I don't like HBKS;

    - Market Cap of only 29.5 million, owes Uncle Sam 7.8 million. Is this saying that the U.S. Government owns 26-1/2% of the company.

    - Jumped out of TARP I and right into TARP II (SBLF)..then turned around and increased EXEC compensation 360K for 2012 alone. Mind you, 360K is just the increase amount, not total compensation. I would have sold out of HBKS the day that happened....It smells, IMO.

    - Meanwhile, as the EXECs get this nice bump (why rush to sell the company, these guys got it made for running 5 branches);
    1) Stockholders pay interest to Uncle Sam while none of the principal is getting paid off
    2) The last 2 Qs were a disaster, losing $378,000 (MNRK had its 17th & 18th straight record Qs)
    3) Deposits dropped compared to last Q (MNRKs deposits are 257% higher then HBKS, and growing q/q & y/y)
    4) Branches are closing, will they retain all their customers? (MNRK is expanding)
    5) Stock is volume.....OTC, wipes out 95% of investors (MNRK...Soon to join the Russell??)
    6) Annualized return on average assets = DOWN (MNRK up)
    7) Annualized return on average common equity = DOWN (MNRK up)

    I could go on buth there's only so many hours in a day.

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